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Want To Know What All Questions Google Can't Answer? Here's What Our Audience Thinks... 

We all have come across people who flaunt as if they know everything that is going on around them. And, our obvious reaction to their over informative behaviour is: Zyada apne aap ko Google mat samjah! Google happens to be that one thing which provides answers to all our questions. Don't know how to cook? Google it. Someone asked you the meaning of the most difficult word? Google it. Our life has become so easy after the invention of Google. But, as they say: 'Nothing is perfect on the human stage'. There are various questions of which even Google will not be able to provide the answers. Aiming in this direction, we asked, "What questions Google cannot answer?" Read further and you will know what people commented. 

Here's is the question, WittyFeed eagerly asked its readers!

And this is what the admin got in return...

What made him think of that? 

All of us have had those days...

The nation wants to know the answer to this question...

Really? *No Comments* 

Then, we have people who think like this... 

An epic reply to an epic question.

Who are Shrepan & Gultee? 

No, she hasn't arrived yet! 

BANG ON! *Poof, poof, poof* 

Indeed a thought provoking question. 

I hope he got the answer! 

Girls, do you agree? 

Only Omprakash can answer this question... 

Probably, never... 

Are you kidding me? :P 

Smart buoy! 

You will have to consult the technicians at Google for this one! 

Can anyone explain me the question? 


That's all, people. I hope you had a big time laughing at these epic comments.