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We Can Prove You'll Never Regret Dating A South Indian Guy With These 14 Reasons

They can surely give you 'DREAM BOY' sort of tings! 


Take a big share of intelligence, add some humbleness in it, mix it with some sweetness and charm, now hurl it with an unusual but melodious accent.... well, this is the perfect blend of South Indian folks. The time you will meet a South Indan guy, you will realize how different they are from other men. You will find them a lot more attentive, a lot more caring and what not. They have their own ways of expressing their care for you and will not even judge you for your curves. They can surely give you 'DREAM BOY' sort of tings! Be him a Tamilian, Telugu, Kannada or Keralites, each of the South Indian guy makes the best dates and even amazing beaus. How about we see what are the reasons that make them so extraordinary.Warning: This can be a bit offensive for men who are not from South. *WINK*


#1. They are intelligent AF!

South Indian guys are excessively learned. You can talk to them in any regards; be it global warming or the country’s budget. Also, don't worry,  he will always hold you very high in terms of your respect and your opinions.

#2. He will give you the best and authentic Gold jewellery presents.

South Indians love gold. This means he will keep getting you bona fide gold adornments as presents. 


#3. South Indian guys are calm and composed.

Good manners, polite behavior, they will never get angry at you for stupid things. Even if you annoy them, they will calmly take care of you. 

#4. They are not 36-24-36 people.

These guys are not obsessed with finding a perfect figured girl. They look for good heart, soft-spoken skills and the one who they believe will look pretty in the beautiful Kanchivaram sarees.


#5. They don't have color obsession.

Rather than women who look beautiful from outside, they want women who are beautiful from inside. A pure heart woman attracts them the most. 

#6. They are not fussy eaters.

Get them a good meal, at least cooked, and they will eat it well in a platter. They are not over-particular or excessively concerned about the detail or decoration of the food. 


#7. They will add Dosa and Idlies to your daily diet.

Be ready for the loaded yummy vada, idli, dosas and sambhar treats at their home. They will add these things to your daily routine. 

#8. They are adorable when they talk on the phone.

If you people are out together and he will get a call, you will go from WHAATTTT to AWWWW in five seconds. They are super adorable when they talk to their family or friends on the phone. 


#9. Their tooti-footi Hindi will make you fall for them.

South Indian have their own accent, and that is why whenever they speak, they add their South Indian-ish accent to Hindi. You will fall for them everytime they will ask you 'Kaisa hai', rather than 'Kaisi hai'.

#10. They know the importance of relations.

South Indian guys know the importance of family. It isn't like others don't, but South Indians are more keen towards their relations in comparison to other men. They keep cheating off the table. 

#11. They are hard-working.

You will never see them bunk their work. They are dedicated to what they do and will put all their efforts in it. They will even help you in your daily household chores. 

#12. No foul tongue.

As I mentioned above, South Indian guys are calm. You don't have to remind them to control their words and anger in people. They won't use inappropriate language no matter how angry they are. 

#13. For them, traditions are priority.

They will teach you the difference between Onam and  Pongal, they will get you beautiful Kanchivaram sarees from his hometown and even make you meet the sweetest person of their house, his mother. South Indian men want to follow and stick to the family traditions, for them it is customary.

#14. They will tell about the best South Indian movies.

They will mention the best movies from the South and will make you watch those cult classics. That is when you will realize that you have missed something truly amazing. Though you will laugh when they speak Hindi in the funniest accent, or you will fall for their intelligence, but most importantly, the more you will stay around, the more you will realize that they truly are pure at heart.That's all, folks. I hope you liked the story.If you too have an amazing South Indian guy in your life, do share this story with him and make him feel proud.If you have an interesting story, please write to me at