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"Main Aapko Bajata Hoon" - Akshay Kumar Criticized For His Sexist Remark On National TV

Star India's decision to revive The Great India Laughter Challenge hasn't been as fruitful as the team had expected it to be. The TRP for the show has been on the lower side and the news of Zakir Khan, Hussain Dalal and Mallika Dua being sacked from the mentors' panel has added to the negative publicity of the reality show. It is being reported that Bollywood celebrities Shreyas Talpade and Sajid Khan have replaced the champions of the Indian web. And amidst all of this, the comedy show has walked into a new controversy.So what exactly did happen?The format of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge is such that whenever judge Akshay Kumar and the mentors' panel are impressed by a comedian, they have to ring a bell as a gesture of appreciation. It was during one such incident when the Bollywood actor passed a sexist (as is reported everywhere) remark to co-worker Mallika Dua.

Here's what Akshay said on the show.

While the actor seemed to be saying it in a casual tone, Mallika said it did make her uncomfortable. 

This is the video of the same. 

The video was first shared by SheSays.

Mallika too took it to Twitter to share the video clip. 

The actress-comedian said that the remark was blurring the lines between a sexist remark and a casual one and expressed that it did make her uncomfortable. 

In fact, her father Vinod Dua too took to Facebook to share his anger. 

The senior journalist said that he will "screw this cretin Akshay Kumar."

However, backlash started to follow the controversy soon.

Some users quickly started to question Mallika's own body of work and attacked her for being silent on previous occasions. 

The queen of Snapchat was quick to respond.

Mallika went to highlight the importance of consent in the case. 

Others, however, were sensible enough to see the case with a rational vision. 

This is what they commented on Vinod Dua's Facebook post. 

Some even went on to criticise the actor for taking advantage of his position in the industry. 

Crazy, no?

Meanwhile, Mallika has protected her Twitter account.

The artist was quick to put a protection on her Twitter profile, preventing herself from personal-attacking-trolls.