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10 Images That Perfectly Define How Things Change As We Grow Up

Which is your best memory from childhood? Which is the memory that creates a chuckle during family get-togethers and the memory that urges you to giggle while you're narrating it to your buddies? If you ask me, mine was wearing what-so-ever I wish to. There was no fashion trend to follow, neither a color combination to wear, unlike it is these days. Childhood was, no doubt, the best part of our lives. A wise man once said that one of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood. Besides, it is true. But the cruel reality of childhood is, it passes away... We grow up. What's worse is that this growing up comes with a lot of changes. Well, these variations are what I have in the basket for you all today. The statements further will for sure give you a glimpse of how things change as we grow up.  

#1. Remember the melodrama about waiting for papa to come home?

Earlier, we used to wait for him to return home, now he waits for us to return home... when did things take such a U-turn?

#2. Remember when crying was the best solution? 

It used to be so simple when we were kids. All we had to do was cry our heart out. But as we grew up, we figured out how to deal with it, we figured out how to conceal it.

#3. Remember when 'maa ke haath ka khana' was 'Jannat'?

For every person, his/her mother is the best cook. Nothing can be compared to 'maa ke haath ka khana.' But as we grew up, things shifted from the delicious 'maa ke haath ka khana' to a 2-time Tiffin facility.

#4. To everyone who lives away from their family...

It is commonplace for every kid in their adolescence, they start running away from our parents. We all have been there. But at the moments when after a hectic day at work, we come back to an empty room in a city far from the home, all we feel is the urge to get back home.

#5. Remember when 'staying together' was for ever?

As we grow up, we have more experience with pain and loss. We have learned a few lessons the hard way.

#6. Remember how Hindi was always the savior?

At school, the cheat was to speak in Hindi during English classes. But as we grew up, Hindi language became the most troublesome thing to hang on to. 

#7. Remember when television was all about Cartoon Network?

For many of us, as we grow up, what it means to be "happy" slowly evolves into something completely different.

#8. Remember when your sibling was the prominent enemy?

Prior quarrels were over another bite of chocolate or remote control of a car. But as we grew up, we understood how the importance of emotions changed from 'battling' to 'sparing'.

#9. When did things get so complicated?

Did you realize how time traveled from broken toys to broken hearts? It used to be so simple in the early days. 

#10. If you remember it all...

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