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Not Just Women, Men Too Have A Lot To Say On #MeToo

Me Too. Those little two words are trending all over the globe today, encouraging women to speak up if they have faced any form of sexual harassment. The response that the hashtag has seen in the last couple of days shows the magnitude of the nightmare women face, making many of us realise what shitty world do we live in. What’s even more surprising to know is the horror is either committed by men these women trusted or the ones they barely knew.It’s just casual for most of them.

#MeToo, a social media movement.

The social media movement was initiated in the wake of allegations of rape against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein against whom over two dozen celebs have complained - including actresses Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rose McGowan. 

The step that went viral on the Internet in no time.

And now, women all across are sharing their nightmar-ish experience.

But that’s not all. What’s surprising is to see how men on the social media are reacting to the movement.

Yes, it's not just women who are sharing their horror experiences. Men too have put out how the situation saddens and angers them. Many shared that the situation makes them feel helpless at times and we believe, the change will only come after they decide to honour the campaign. A few simple steps can be of great help actually - like Listening to women, Practicing consent, Stopping to think that they are some sort of pornstars who have to hit on every woman and Educate other men about how horrifying the situation.The change, we believe, will come!