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India Film Project 2017: List Of The Winning Short Films Of This Year

India Film Project, a one of its kind filmmaking competition of India successfully completed its seventh installment in the month of September this year. One of the best platforms for amateur filmmakers across the globe, India Film Project has been providing an opportunity to all the aspiring filmmakers. India Film Project has given some of the great talents to the entertainment industry. IFPs initiative to provide a platform to young filmmakers is helping them to display their talent and skills.Like that of past six installments of India Film Project, even this year i.e. during the seventh season of IFP, numerous aspiring filmmakers turned up to compete and prove their talent.So friends, let's take a look at the winners and their beautiful creations which made it to the winner's list:We will start the list with the category of Short Films:

Achche Din

Two Point Three

The Break Up

Akuri.... And A Pinch Of Hope

The next category is Wedding and Celebration videos:

Anisha X Phyl

Nandini x Anshul

Grateful Hearts

Falling in love

And It Begins

Urvashi + Udai

Slides hereon feature the winners of 'Web Sketches and Web Series' category.

It's Not That Simple

Little Things

CM CM Hota Hai

In the next slides, take a look at the winners of 'Food and Travel Videos' category.

Arz e Pakistan

Find My Adventure: From London to Hunza

Chitrakshi Calcutta


Winning videos in the next slide fall in the category of 'Music Videos.'


General Alert

Netaji - Malayalam Musical