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This Is How Much The Contestants Of 'Bigg Boss 11' Are Getting Paid

Be it about the controversies it generates, or the sudden twists and turns, the Bigg Boss house never ceases to surprise us. Then there are the leaked stories from the house, that add up to the viewer interest. Who's dating who, who are at loggerheads, etc., are some of the stories that come out of the house and keep the rumour mill churning. One such story that catches the viewers' attention is the salary Bigg Boss contestants get. The fans of this show often wonder how much moolah their favorite contestants get to be a part of the show. Here we try to decode it for you with salaries of some of the popular housemates. The numbers may vary from actual figures but are whopping nonetheless. Take a look!Your mouth will remain wide open after knowing this 'huge amount'.

Vikas Gupta

Who else than Vikas Gupta knows what works the best on TV. He has been managing content for last 10 years now. He is surely one of the strongest contenders in Bigg Boss house this year and he will surely play the game till the end. Whoa! Scroll down to know the amount Vikas is getting paid for his stay in Bigg Boss house.

He is getting paid...

Around 'Rs 6-6.5 lakh per week' by the makers of Bigg Boss.Move to the next slide to know 'the massive amount' (ex) Angoori Bhabhi aka Shilpa Shinde is earning per week, for getting locked inside Bigg Boss house. 

Shilpa Shinde

Won million hearts after she played 'Angoori Bhabhi' brilliantly in the show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain. I am sure all her fans missed her badly, after she abruptly left the show. But now, when Shilpa is back on small screen, we must know the 'amount' she is getting paid for her comeback.'Huge' is the word for the amount she is been paid. Move forward to know the amount in exact figures.

Shilpa Shinde aka (ex) Angoori Bhabhi...

She is drawing an amount of 'Rs 6-7 lakh per week' for competing in Bigg Boss house.

Hiten Tejwani

Hiten has been in the industry for last 15 years now and is considered to be one of the greatest actors of Indian TV. I am sure his big fanbase is one of the reasons for Hiten being shortlisted for Bigg Boss 11.You can't even imagine 'the amount of money' he is been paid by the makers of Bigg Boss 11. Move forward to know about it.

The amount Hiten is getting paid...

He is getting around 'Rs 7-7.5 lakh per week' for marking his presence in Bigg Boss House in this season.Actress in the next slide is the highest paid contestant of this season.

Hina Khan

She has been ruling Indian TV since 7 long years and is the most successful TV actress in the recent times, who has a huge fan following and is undoubtedly a household name in India. If reports are to believed, Hina Khan is the highest paid contestant in this season.Move to the next slide to know the 'amount' Hina is getting paid for her stay in Bigg Boss House.

Hold your breath, guys.

Hina is surely gonna have a heavy bank balance post-Bigg Boss. Coz she is getting paid around 'Rs 7-8 lakh per week' to remain locked inside the house.Don't forget to pick your dropped jaws! *Wink* Coz the amount Hina is making per week in Bigg Boss house is surely a jaw-dropping one.If you love to read what I write, don't forget to post your comments in the section below or send in your thoughts here: gauri@wittyfeed.com