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Aamir Khan And Virat Kohli Dance To Rang De Basanti's Track And You'll Love It (Video)

There have been various instances when big names from the cricket industry have joined hands with Bollywood celebs and came together to support or promote something. A recent example of this is Aamir Khan and Virat Kohli. The stars talked about Virat's captaincy to his nickname Chikoo. Aamir's new film Secret Superstar is all set to hit the theatres and this unique way of promoting the same piqued a lot of public interest due to its unique content. Virat, being the torchbearer and captain of Indian Cricket team shared his concerns and responsibilities. It was the first on-screen conversation between the two, and you expect them not to talk about Anushka? How can that be possible? Some simple, sweet yet aww lines were dedicated to her. Also, not to miss the epic dance that Virat and Aamir did on Rang De Basanti's track. Look for the video, and it will instantly make you crave for more! 

Watch the video here! 

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