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India Film Project: List Of Participants Who Made It To The Winner's Trophy

You know whenever I watch Bollywood films, I actually feel proud of all the filmmakers who create magic on silver screen. It is really not easy to display complete journey of a person's life, in just 3 hours. Isn't it? And they work for an year or two to bring that story on silver screen. But the day I came to know about India Film Project, which is India's one of its kind competition, I realised that there are many in our country, apart from Bollywood's great directors who are brilliant in filmmaking.  And I was surprised to know that these filmmakers who take part in India Film Project accept the challenge of making a film in mere 50 hours. Yes, you heard that right. In just 50 hours.In the seventh installment of India Film Project which was held in September this year, here's a list of films who made their way to judges' as well audiences' heart.Move forward to take a look at these winning creations.


This film titled Parallax was announced the winner in Professional filmmaking category.


The film Karma made it to the winner's list in Amateur filmmaking category.