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These Bollywood Actresses Faced Serious Criminal Charges 

While we sit here and sip our coffee, there have been various cases, defamations, criminal charges being filed at this moment. As Indians, our faith hasn't been completely restored into the national laws. But at the same time, several instances have proved that 'Kanoon ke haanth lambe hote hain' and that 'Kanoon' is never going to spare you, me, or even our favourite Bollywood celebs. Even the biggies of Bollywood have a tough time taming the justice of the country. Being a law student, as I kept on digging about recent cases that shot to limelight I realised, there are many actresses who have faced it. So, here I bring to you some of the most renowned names who have tasted the bitter aftermath of criminal charges. 

Monica Bedi

Known for her screen presence and participation in the famous reality show Bigg Boss, Monica faced a tough time. 

Her association with Abu Salem.

Monica was captured by Lisbon police alongside her affirmed beau and an underworld don Abu Salem for entering Portugal with fake documents. In the wake of being extradited to India, Monica was sentenced for the same and she served her prison term.Read on to know why Sonali Bendre was convicted of criminal charges.

Sonali Bendre 

As soon as I say her name, most of you would recall her sweet and simple character from the film Hum Saath - Saath Hain. Right?What made this actress serve her time behind the bars will shock you.

She had a bad time with religion.

The renowned actress was a victim of religious issues. She got arrested by police as some of the religious people filed a case against her because of posing inappropriately on a magazine cover. Though later on she was bailed and the matter soon evaporated. Read further to witness another unknown story.


Even the most beautiful actress of Bollywood was arrested and had to face inconvenience in her life. She was arrested in 1957 when she denied acting in a film. 

Such is the irony of fate...

According to Baldev Raj Chopra, an Indian director Madhubala denied acting in a film but she had signed it and had also accepted an advance payment. Later, she was arrested for not following the work ethics and protocols. Read further to know what happened with Shweta Basu Prasad.

Shweta Basu Prasad 

Shweta was arrested in Bangalore for her alleged involvement in a high profile prostitution racket. It was also reported that she was kept in a remand home before the court granted her complete freedom. 

Mamta Kulkarni 

When Mamta disappeared from the industry, it was reported that she was found guilty and was also arrested along with her husband Vicky Goswami in Kenya for their alleged involvement in a drug racket.

It is hard to recognise her now.

When her latest pictures surfaced on the internet, it became impossible to recognise her. PS- For whatever reasons these actresses were caught, we still respect their effort and work they have put in to make us laugh, smile, and even cry at times. That's all, people. You can also share your views with me at muskan@wittyfeed.com