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Don't Buy Food From Outside This Diwali, Here's What You Should Do

Well, Diwali is here and the complete city is lit in a festive mood. There are lights all around and the markets have been decorated so elaborately, just to lure us. At this time of the year, even our gastronomic enzymes know that there is a feast out there, to hog till our heart's content. ANd amongst all this, there is a dilemma whether one should buy food from outside or not, questioning on their quality and freshness.Do not worry people, we are here with a solution to this problem of yours. Here are some really appetizing substitutes to those unnecessary elaborate 'Diwali ki mithai' and the 'Diwali ke namkeen'. Some easy to try on tricks and recipes for you this Diwali, so that you spend lesser time in the kitchen and more with your family and friends. We are sure, this piece will atleast grant you those extra moments of laughter and fun with your near and dear ones. Read on to grab some of the really exciting and innovative recipes that are less-thought-of during the Diwali season, but are as apt!

#1. Make 'bhajiyas' in no time. 

Well, this is a dish that can be savoured anytime, with a cup of chai. Bhajiyas can be of potatoes, onions, chillis and what not. All you need is the bhajiya mix and fresh vegetables. 

#2. Shahi Tukda

An easy-to-make recipe, that satiates the sweet tooth in the most delicious way. 

#3. Aam Paak

For all the aam lovers, this is an effortless dish that gets ready in no time. Some preserved mangoes can work wonders for you here, in this fresh sweet, or you can use other seasonal fruits such as caramelized apples.

#4. Dry fruits chocolates

An attraction for all the kids in the house, with a twist of the Diwali flavours, aka, dry fruits. Whenever there is festival time, Indian households are laden with dry fruits. So, an amalgamation of modern and desi, dry fruit chocolate bars can be an intelligent solution this Diwali.

#5. Sandwiches

Then there comes the breakfast time on the holidays of Diwali. This is when you need a quick fix, to satisfy all the hungry tummies right in the morning. A getaway here is the easy 'dahi sandwich'. It is made from finely chopped tomatoes, onions, green chillis and hung curd. This makes for the stuffing and your sandwich is ready.

#6, Fruit Sandesh

A quick recipe that gets in place of those high-calorie fried sweets. Simply nutritious and made from milk, with a stuffing of seasonal fruits, fruit sandesh is a fresh solution for sweets this Diwali.

#7. Papdi Chaat

Simply lay the papdis on a plate and top with 'aloo ka masala', along with all the ready tamarind chutney and coriander chutney, not to forget, the sev. Finely chopped tomatoes and onions sprinkled on top, add to the flavours.

#8. Easy ras malai at home.

All you need is condensed milk, rasgullas and milk. Bring the milk to a boil, add condensed milk to it. Let it cool and add the rasgullas, with sprinkles of shredded dry fruits. 

#9. Kulfi falooda

Get some falooda noodles and kulfi from the market. These remain fresh for days if kept in the fridge. All you need to make at home is rabdi, that too, by simply heating the milk. Finally, you will have kulfi falooda ready at your house.

#10. Rolls and frankies to make you rock and roll.

They can be made with the already available sheets and sauces in the market. You have to only prepare the rich stuffing of paneer and vegetables, that gives an altogether a new dish to savour.

#11. Waffles

Yes, a surprise element there. If you have that coveted waffle maker, then why not make use of it this Diwali? Give your family members their modern sweet.We hope you enjoyed this compilation. Do share with friends you feel might be stifling with the thought of what to make this Diwali. Have a happy & safe Diwali, folks. Eat and stay young.