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Is Every Policeman The Same? We Have Something To Prove It Wrong!

In an age where everyone is led to believe that any force of power is corruptible, and how the basic essence of humanity is lost, we need to understand that it isn’t the entire truth. Goodness in the form of empathy, honesty, and humanity does exist. It’s just that we’ve held the veils of preconceived notions, blocking us to see through others’ perspective.We see on the news & read in papers about the rampant corruption that runs inside the ranks & files of the force. But, just for once, can we take a pause & think- Is every policeman the same?The reason we bring this up is to point out that the same police force that was formed for our safety & well-being, instill a fear in us somehow. We find their presence unsettling and tend to avoid them to resolve crucial matters on our own.Sure, the roots of this distrust are deep from our past and have only consolidated over the years. But, can’t we figure a way to end those stigmas and look at things with a fresh set of eyes?.Sure, the roots of this distrust are quite deep but when will we realize that because of a few corrupt people in the system, we have painted all of the policemen in the same color. Can't we figure out a way to end those stigmas and look at things with a fresh set of eyes? Well, there's a first step for everything. This video does the same - first step to remove all the dirt from our heart.

This video can change your perspective towards them!

It is quite sad that there is a stigma over a whole profession for something that isn't really the whole of them. So, let's take part in Ghadi's Diwali campaign. Let's plan to wash away all the prejudices we have in our society. Iss Diwali #SaareMaelDhoDaalo.