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These 10 Things Are Something Only Married Women Can Understand

The most common misinterpretation of marriage is seen these days on television shows and movies since they truly don't speak to marriage well. And the worst they do is cover the marriage sex. After marriage, a lot of things change. Earlier, when it used to be going out for the weekend, after marriage it comes to handling guests at home. After staying together for a long time so many things in between the couple get deeper, you get him/her, s/he gets you. The more secure and comfortable people are with their partner, the more unusual and open new things will be. And all such things affect the intimacy in their relationship. Well. this is what I have in the basket for you today, such focuses about marriage that are normal however, nobody focused on them. Married women can understand these points pretty well. 

Sometimes unexciting sex is OK!

So, what if it was wasn't good this time? It is OK if it wasn't exciting enough. Because you will get many more times to go on the magical roller coaster ride. 

He never does partiality even if you have small assets.

Don't worry about the fact that you have small assets because this will not change his passion for you. He respects your shape and will settle himself accordingly. Tips for married women...

You should begin.

After spending a long time with each other, the couple often gets comfortable. At this moment, it shouldn't be just the man who begins. Indeed, he would be glad if you come first. 

Decisions become mutual.

After some time, you both realize which positions are difficult for you to perform. And for this, you both mutually come up with easy positions.The major things that people don't know about intimacy in marriage... 

You do it more often then what people think.

Only married women know the secret that they get intimated far more than what most of the people think.

Nothing's fixed.

It may be possible that sometimes you are just not in a mood, or you may be tired, but sometimes it is possible that you would be with him three times in the middle of the evening.After staying together for a long time...

The period sex doesn't seem odd.

After getting comfortable with each other, he accepts your body function. Having period sex isn't a big thing for him. 

You always end up on the old methods.

Even though you keep on trying new methods, you always end up doing the same old ones. Excitement is at its pat, but you do it out of love, which I guess is equal marriage. It is not just about sex...

He knows being pushy can get him killed.

Don't worry about the issue that he will push your head down. Because even he knows that this can cost him DEATH!

There is nothing like 'sex is always on the table'.

Even though you both stay together and sleep on the same bed, you know the truth that sex is not always on the table. Because being in the same bed doesn't always mean getting intimate. "It’s important to get used to physical touch that doesn’t necessarily lead to anything," says Denise Knowles, a sex therapist and counselor.I hope you liked the story.If you have an interesting story to share, please write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com