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These Tales On Friendship Show How It Can Turn Bitter And One Sided Sometimes

"You were the yang to my yin. We were the Jekyll and Hyde, But where were you? When I was at the rock bottom down on my knees... I would totally cross the ocean for you, but you, can you not even jump a puddle for me? I know that friendship should be unconditional. But damn, it is so hard to just give and give and never get any positivity in return. My all is given, but my all has been taken for granted, my all is simply gone. NOW, I’m out of here; I’m so done."This ignorance by one's own friends can be one of the most suffocating situations in life. When you dedicate all that you have to a relationship that remains one-sided. The true meaning of friendship has changed for all of us these days. It has become a matter of giving and not taking. The symbiotic exchange seems to lack. Today, I present to you some hard-hitting tales that will show the harsh reality of friendship and the way it is perceived these days. 

Always Helpless

When there is no 'we' and it is only 'me' in your friendship. 

Always Rejected 

Rejection, it surely is a very depressing emotion and most of us fail to deal with it. 

Always Unheard 

Most of us have gone through this one. Haven't we? There will be people who will like your Facebook but not your true self. You need to draw the fine line between real and virtual. 

Always Shrugged

When people don't take you as a priority and you fail to understand that fact. 

Always Alone 

Being alone is the most saddening thing. But the things is, people will come and go, what stays with us is the spirit to do better and a 'keep on moving ahead' attitude. 

Always Redundant 

Parties are just an example, it is a matter of importance that people give us. 

Always Abandoned

Nothing can bring you peace other than yourself. Never ever get depended on someone for bringing happiness in your life. 

Always Expendable 

That sad moment when you move mountains for your friends and they wouldn't even jump in a puddle for you. 

Always Strong 

Indeed, this is a reminder that everyone must get up every day to know that they are doing a great job.