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10 Things A Woman Notices FIRST About A Man

There is this book named "How to read a woman?"But opening it, you will find it totally blank, signaling that you cannot understand a woman, like ever.Women are that species of the human race which have the most complex brain structure that is impossible to crack and analyze. Agree?This post is definitely not about how to impress a woman but more of a check-list that you might want to check-off before your next date with a lady. So thank me later for presenting you the top things that a woman notices first about a man. 

10. Face.

One of the important things obviously is the face. A smiling face carrying a glow is lethal.Note: These pointers mention writer's personal experiences.

9. Smile. 

The second thing which will be deciding your fate is your killer smile. It should be killing but should not actually kill *IYKWIM*

8. Eyes. 

It might be expected but yes, women do notice your eyes. It is not more about the eye colour but how confident you are to make an eye contact with the person. Women love confidence.

7. Body.

It is not about how bulky a bodybuilder you are but how much you care about your fitness and health. Well, this is not something that can be determined at the first look but your concern about your health definitely shows on your body. 

6. Dressing sense. 

Apparently, for women, your dressing sense is an important factor. And it is not only limited to the combination of clothes you wear but, how clean are they?

5. How you smell. 

This is not just with women but with every human being on the planet. If you smell good, people will at least have a good first impression. 

4. Confidence. 

Women love men with confidence. They see how you talk to people, how you make an eye contact, how you respond to a particular situation. 

3. How you sound. 

How you sound is important to women. Women notice your voice if it is sexy or has got some ultra sonic ultra nuclear gravitational pull. 

2. How you treat people. 

It is very important for women that you treat people nicely. Because for them it is how you are gonna treat her if you both get together.