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These 10 WhatsApp Chats Of People When They Were High Are Crazy AF

After being stoned over text messages, there are two major situations that emerge. Either I give my best shot or make the most disgusting conversation ever or I just lose it badly. Mostly, I end up being the stupidest person alive on the planet. All this to question you if you've ever felt guilty for dropping a text or doing something crazy after being stoned? At that particular moment, even our senses start to scream "You're being insane" but who looks at that side... DUH! Let's admit, every such moment has made us laugh. That is why I have summoned something you all can relate to. Be it an absurd moment in front of our parents, or just a mad chat with a friend, these 'after being stoned' WhatsApp messages are something most of us might have sent and even regretted sending them. So, let's read these funny conversations and recall our horrible moments.

#1. When your friend knows you're crazy

Bhand people really have no idea what they are up to, and this message is a proof of that.

#2. Ever got stuck in this kinda situation?


#3. How can anyone dare to even talk to one's mom after being stoned

Arguments with a mother? One should not even try! This guy did it after being stoned... 

#4. I have been through this. 

Have you ever encountered any such situation? 

#5. This happens when you're stoned in the class

When you think that your teacher is trying to take control over you for the whole life.

#6. This is epic... lol!

Have you ever tried being smart after being stoned? Well, let me tell you, this combination doesn't even exist. 

#7. Nothing is on fire. Fire is on things. 

Was he trying to be sarcastic or was he trying to be smart? 

#8. This one is the best xD

The awkward moment when you're declared the father of all stoned chats.

#9. When you're stoned... and alone! 

When you're so alone that you respond to our own texts.

#10. Never try this at home

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