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Apt and Sarcastic, Mahatma Gandhi's First Ever Video Interview Fits Even Modern Times

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world."Mahatma Gandhi once quoted this line. And, it rightfully depicts how he was a man of his words. Everyone in India knows him as the Father of the Nation. But, why? Was it because he fought for the freedom of the nation or was it because he was ahead of his time? I am not so sure about any of these reasons but as I watched his first ever video interview, I was sure about one thing, this man had a way with words, and he chose them really wisely.   Most people do not understand what to say and when to say, but Gandhi was always confident about his decisions.

His first ever interview 

When Gandhi Ji was busy with his Satyagraha campaigns of Independence Movement, he was asked to give an interview to a reporter from Fox Movietone News on 30 April 1931, in Borsad, Gujarat. 

His answers were apt 

As a public figure and a representative of his nation, Mahatma Gandhi chose to speak less and show more. He was secretive, sarcastic and he gave satisfactory answers at the same time. 

Gandhi was firm despite knowing all the consequences  

He was ready to fight for a nation that might give him complete prohibition after getting the freedom. He surely knew the consequences and repercussions of the fire that was ignited but he was firm with his decisions. 

What would a sane man say? 

If you were to discuss the strategic plannings for freedom of your nation, would you answer a question like that? I might get sceptic or even get offended, but this man was unbeatable.   

A question to trigger his inner patriot 

He was asked a question that made him choose his side between patriotism and social status that too on a global platform. Guess what Gandhi did?  

He chose his nation and gave a sarcastic response 

Mahatma Gandhi knew how to play with words, and he showed his true patriotism to an English man without even offending him. Is that not a great quality that most people must possess? Especially when the world is keeping an eye on every move that they make.  

He was always prepared for the worse 

He was someone who made it all straight from zero and hence this made him more confident about taking risks because he knew the worse and was always prepared for it. 

He was not an ordinary man 

He loved everyone, even his enemies. Most people face difficulty in adopting this quality. But, we are obviously not talking about a normal man.    

Here's the entire video!

Watch the video and you will sense everything that we as millennials have been looking for in the leaders and nation's most prominent figures.

All of us definitely miss this man who changed the meaning of freedom for us! 

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