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Indians Are Best At Not Giving A Damn And These Pictures Are The Proof

In short, Indians are 'MASTRAM'.


Time again Indians have proved that they prefer to do what they really want to do. They love to follow the one philosophy in life i.e. 'suno sabki karo mann ki'. And that is how they lead their life on their self-made rules and regulations. Whatever the world says and whatever people think, Indians prefer ignoring external negative vibes so as to remain calm, cool and positive from inside. And being an Indian, I am proud of this practical 'funda of life', which Indians love to follow.Today, we are here with a set of photographs from various parts of India, where Indians have done what that actually thought of doing. To be precise, not just human beings but even animals of our country hardly give a damn to what people think. I am sure you will laugh your heads off after taking a look at these, but in the end, you will proud of being an Indian. *Wink*


They know the art of redefining.

See how they changed a sign board into a slate and wrote whatever they wanted to write.


We believe in gender equality and this image is a proof.


Dirty minds!

They take pride in being perverts.

'Gaaye humari Maata hain!'

Friends, don't take it too personally.



Don't be, coz this happens only in India.

Dude, hats off to his guts.

Seems like he isn't in love with his life.


Someone connect me to her jewellery designer...

"Sona kitna sona hai, sone jaisa tera mann..."


How can we even think of getting our National Flag imported from China?


This is the Arnab Goswami Show.

Watch it on your own risk!

Terrific. Isn't it?

They need to refer a dictionary.

Rules are meant to be broken...

Proves this cope, who found a new trick to satiate his hunger of talking on phone, while riding.

Indians rock!

Refer the image above.

This is what is called 'Jugaad'.

And that is why Indians are 'perfect jugaadus' on the planet.

Baal hai ya ghode ki puch!

Like really? His confidence inspired me. 

The proprietor needs to get treated.

I mean he needs a psychiatrist.

Thanks for the information, dude.

My Science teacher never ever told me that water without H2O is also available on the earth.Note: All the pictures used in the story are just for the fun purpose and not to hurt anyone's sentiments. Some may be photoshopped, and some may be for real, but the motto is just to make you laugh.Feel free to send in your thoughts here: