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Unknown Facts About Supreme Goddess Durga That Everyone Must Know 

Durga - The Goddess of power and strength is the most talked about female deity in Hindu mythology. She is loving, fierce and multi-dimensioned. With many names and many forms, Goddess Durga rules our hearts. While in one way she is known as a kind mother, in another way she is also called as the destroyer of evil who carries weapons in all her hands and is ready to fight all wrong beings. There have been various shows and films that portrayed the true side of this Goddess. However, not many of us know certain facts about her. We have listed down some lesser-known facts that everyone must read. 

Her eight hands signify eight directions.

Lord Durga has eight imaginary hands. This is the major reason why she is called as 'Ashta Bhuja Durga'. It is said that her eight hands denote eight directions. She carries weapons in all her eight hands to save her devotees from anything wrong or evil. 

She rides on a lion because... 

Lion is said to be the king of the jungle which makes him a depiction of power. Maa Durga riding the lion is a symbol of ultimate power. She uses him as a means to destroy all evil. Read what a Trishul signifies in the next slide. 

This is what the Trishul signifies...

The Trishul holds three human qualities, namely Satwa, Rajas and Tamas which signify inactivity, desires and stress. In order to remain happy in life, there has to be a balance between these three things. 

She is considered as another half of Lord Shiva.

Maa Durga is considered as another half of Lord Shiva, he is the form, and she is the expression. Why did Lord Rama worship Durga? Well, to know that you have to see the next slide. 

Three-eyed deity.

Maa Durga is believed to have three eyes that signify Agni, Surya and Chandra. 

Lord Rama worshipped her during the Lanka war.

A priest suggested Lord Rama to offer 100 lotuses to the Goddess, but he could only find ninety-nine. Hence he presented one of his eyes to her. Devi got pleased by his devotion and blessed him. There have been various versions of the same story, but we find this one as a link to the celebration of Navratri and Dussehra. The soil outside brothels is used to make an idol of Maa Durga. Want to know why? Read further. 

There are various ways to celebrate the Durga Puja festival.

The period of Durga Puja is celebrated as garba in Gujarat, Ramlila in North and Durga Puja in the East of India. 

The reason why brothels' soil is used to create the idols.

According to the Speaking Tree, it is believed that when a man enters a brothel, he leaves all his purity and innocence outside it. So, the soil outside a brothel is considered the purest. This is the reason why that soil is used to create the idols and carve them. 

Kanya Bhog 

'Kumari Puja' or 'Kanya Bhog' is a tradition that was started by Swami Vivekananda. It signifies divine feminine power and food & gifts are given to the girls who fast during this time. 

Goddess Durga slayed Mahishasura.

Despite numerous tricks and tactics of Mahishasura, Goddess Durga killed him, and her victory is celebrated as Navratri. Read what her weapons signify in the next slide.

This is what Maa Durga received from all Gods.

Maa Durga has received many features from different Gods. Her face from Shiva, her ten arms from Lord Vishnu, her feet from Lord Brahma. Many Gods also gave her weapons such as conch, thunderbolt, sword, and spear. That's all, people. Like and share the story with your friends. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com