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If You Want To Have Double Fun, Watch These 10 Ultimate Films Alone

I have been planning to watch the movie 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' since a long time. But due to hectic office schedule, I wasn't able to watch it at theatres. Watching it with parents isn't an option anyway. Then I thought I should watch it with my sister on a laptop, but then I got a happy realization that even this isn't a good idea. Though I have a modern partner, this isn't a film to be watched with him.This is what happens when a girl wants to watch a bold or different from the league movie. There are many problems that one needs to face. But what if you really want to watch any such film? I have a solution. Watch it ALONE!Now, since you have got the idea, I have some more movies in the list that you should watch, but only when you are alone.

10. Masaan

Masaan is a must-watch film as Richa Chadda has done a tremendous job connecting to each girl out there. This film will surely help you to overcome from a broken relationship. But make sure not to watch this with family as this can result in a quarrel.

9. Angry Indian Goddess

Released in 2015, Angry Indian Goddess is a drama film/comedy genre movie based on the different stages of a girl's life. The movie represents all the dramas with a bold presentation that will help you feel connected. If you're in a relationship, do watch this...

8. Murder 

I know, this movie is divided into three parts, but I will suggest you watch the first part, the one with Emraan Hashmi, Ashmit Patel and Mallika Sherawat. Now you would be thinking why am I suggesting you this movie? Actually, the point is, this movie has some ultimate romantic scenes. The passion and love in the movie are something that everyone wishes in their lives. But remember, just focus on the positive angles.

7. Parched

You must have heard about the movie Parched, starring actresses like Tannishtha Chatterjee and Radhika Apte. The story revolves around four women of Gujarat talking about men, sex and life as they struggle with their individual demons. This movie is a true freedom-centred film. If you're looking to take savage from a cheating partner, do watch the next films. 

6. Luv Ka The End

'Luv Ka The End' isn't a movie conveying a heavy message. The storyline of the film revolves around how boys these days take advantage of girls and how girls can teach such boys a perfect lesson. Now obviously, you cannot see this with your partner.

5. Lakshmi

Released in the year 2014, Lakshmi is all about a 14-year-old girl and her fight for justice. This film is a proof how a simple body can damage a big well-established person. Trust me, this film can give you goosebumps.To learn self-love watch these movies... 

4. Queen 

"What? How come Queen is a movie that should be watched alone?"I know this is what you people must be thinking. But there is a reason behind suggesting this movie. We all know that everyone needs some 'ME TIME' in their life when they can pamper themselves. I guarantee you that this will surely give you a cloud nine feeling. 

3. Aisha

Aisha is a movie that doesn't need an introduction. If you're planning to learn something about fashion and accessories, do watch this. Fashion outfits, accessories, rich lifestyle... this movie has it all.  The next movie will make you feel like it is your story.

2. Piku

The movie has nothing such element that you can't watch it with your parents or partner, but there is a striking factor in the movie which will inspire you to become a self-dependent girl. And you can realise this only when you are watching the movie alone. So, try it out, girls.

1. Gippi 

Gippi, an overweight teenager, struggles to handle the physical and social changes that come with her age. Soon, she learnt to let go of her insecurities and love herself for exactly who she is. Watching this with someone else will not inspire you to the core, so it is advised to watch this movie alone. TIP: START LOOKING FOR THESE MOVIES.If you have an interesting story to share, please write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com