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From SMH To TBT, Meaning Of Chat Short Forms That We Generally Use

Humans always find an easy way out to perform any task and in case of chatting we have generated various short forms to convey our messages quickly and without any hassle. We see people use abbreviations and most of tend to scratch their head in confusion. We assume various meanings, and it turns out that the actual meaning was something else.WittyFeed brings you some commonly used chat abbreviations and their full forms that you can use on an everyday basis.

The one with a reminder.

Remember that one friend who is always happy and jolly? It is because he knows that You Only Live Once... Yes, that's the full form of YOLO. 

The one which is candid.

Girlfriend: Baby, do I look fat? Boyfriend: TBH, you do. Isn't it cool? Well, TBH stands for, To Be Honest. The list is very interesting, stick till the end to know more abbreviations. 

The one with options.

When you feel like giving so many names to your friend, simply say aka. It means Also Known As. 

The one with gossip.

I use this abbreviation every time I have to provide gossip to my friends. YKW stands for You Know What. Want to know the full form of DIYs that you make? It is in the next slide. 

The one with social media.

When someone says RT to you on Twitter they are simply trying to say Re-Tweet.

The one with creativity.

We all make them, watch them on YouTube. Its meaning is Do It Yourself. AFAIK is an interesting short form, read its full form in the next slide. 

The one with an opinion.

Every time I feel like giving an opinion and not offending the person at the same time, I simply say afaik which means As Far As I Know.

The one that every boss demands.

When your boss wants a file by EOD s/he simply means get it done by End Of the Day.Many girls post TBT in their Instagram hashtags. Its full form is on the next slide.  

The one with fun!

Ever wondered what is the full form of this abbreviation that people use in Instagram hashtags? Fret no more, it simply means Throw Back Thursday. 

The one with all sort of information.

When a perverted friend sends you something NSFW and asks you not to open it at the workplace. It is because the content is Not Safe For Work. Want to know what people say when they are in shock? Jump to the next slide. 

The one with shock!

When my lame friend cracks an even lame joke I tend to SMH. Didn't understand what it means? SMH stands for Shaking My Head. 

The one with a stand.

Whenever people come and tell you IMO you are wrong, don't take it negatively because they are just trying to give their honest opinion. IMO stands for In My Opinion.FYI is heavy but its full form isn't. Read it in the next slide. 

The one with a gentle reminder.

That awkward moment when we never get our facts checked and someone points out FYI.FYI has a simple meaning For Your Information. 

The one in a hurry.

When your bae wants you to get ready and texts ASAP he simply means As Soon As Possible. Want to know what people say when they are jealous? Read further to know. 

The one with jealously!

When your best friend says BIH, s/he means Burn In Hell. But, not in a literal sense obviously. 

The one with clarity.

We always read the word, I.E. in essays written as 'i.e.'.Not many of us know its meaning, the abbreviation is used as a short form instead of saying that is. Its full form is Id Est which is a Latin phrase. *Thank me later*Jump to the next slide because an informative bonus is waiting for you! 

The secret is unveiled...

Now that everyone is well acquainted with these full forms, we thought of providing some bonus information. Not many of you know that VATSANA is the parent company of WittyFeed. Its name was derived from a Thai word which means 'Faith'.Also, there is a reason why the company was named VATSANA. It includes the initials of every team member's name who contributed to the company when it was formed. V stands for Vinay A stands for AbhashT stands for TusharS stands for Shashank A stands for AdityaN stands for Naveen A stands for AshutoshThat's all, people. Like and share the story. Do let me know your feedback at muskan@wittyfeed.com