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Om Prakash Just Got A Tagda Jawab That Made Him 'Dheela' At The Wrong Place

Gaur Farmaaiye...Kabse kar rha tha aunty mai tera intejar,ab padh gya mujhpe bhaari tera ye waar..."Na talwaar ki dhaar se, na goliyon ki bauchar se, Om Prakash darega to sirf Aunty ke jawaab se." Kuch esa sa hi aalam ho rakha hoga humare Janaab Shri (Bichare) Om Prakash Ji ka. Why am I saying this?Because...The most awaited answer of the year has been given to the not-so-awaited singer of the year, and we just can't get over what he has got in return. The chillum-chilli which was already on fire has been fueled up, and this song which Om Prakash has received in return has already made him talkless and walkless at the same time.Without wasting much of your time, let me introduce to you the next ultra-legend of the Internet world, and she is none other than, Aunty... (ki Ghanty *wink*)

Warning: Watch it at your own risk!

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