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People Still Think Actresses' Job Is To Sell Body And I Am Shocked

We are in 2017, the era of Internet, the era of social media. We believe this Internet generation is wise, intellectual and empowered.But this is wrong. It's quite disappointing that many people who exist on social media are just spreading filth everywhere and it's strange that they feel proud to do it. I literally don't like to talk about these people, but the only motive I went for this article is, we all should stand together to get these people lost from the Internet. Literally.We have been seeing people who pass on senseless comments when our beloved actresses post their pictures on their social media profiles. Recently, it happened with one of the inspiring ladies in the film industry, Priyanka Chopra.Read on!

It all started when Priyanka Chopra uploaded a gorgeous picture on her Instagram.

Priyanka is an ambassador of Global Citizen Music Festival. This time she hosted the event and she proudly shared the pictures on Instagram. But there were some haters all ready to spread negativity.

When I was going through her pictures...

I encountered a lengthy comment, which said:"hi priyanka chopra i feel sad about you the way you earning money to selling urself to selling ur body ur soul for the money priyanka chopra please dont work flim industry,modeling.whats the life is that you selling ur body,soul for the money.money is not everything.money is not greater,value,important then ur body,soul even if they pay to you trillion dollars still they cant buy to you.priyanka chopra there r lot out there decent job you can do that i know they wont pay much but at least you can eat 3 times meal a day and little bit saving.spend ur life like a proud honest honour way that you can proud to urself and people proud to you.priyanka chopra you are beautiful so pretty thanks to the god please dont waste it ur life on wrong way priyanka chopra i like you and i like want to marry with you i want to spend my life with you i will care your life more then my life priyanka chopra will you marry with me please goodbye priyanka chopra takecare besafe have a nice time."Many people didn't like her dress up as well...

But there were beautiful comments as well, which were full of appreciation!

And what I like the most is, these actresses do not give a damn. They have nothing to do with what people are talking about them.Cheers to them!Priyanka is not the one who is body shamed by haters. It's quite common now that actresses are criticized for what they wear, what they do, where they go bla bla bla...

Remember this picture, when Priyanka was attacked for wearing this dress while meeting PM?

Many people passed negative comments saying this was not a decent dress she chose, that too while meeting Narendra Modi.

Priyanka had a perfect came back then... She uploaded this picture with a hitting caption.

"Legs for days..." Priyanka and her mom are looking sexy together.

Negative people do not think about those numerous good deeds these actresses are doing for humanity...

...they just care about their bikini, cleavage etc... Before this, Taapsee Pannu was criticized for her bikini look. She had shared a picture from Judwaa 2 and she was looking stunning in that floral bikini.

Same happened with Esha Gupta when she uploaded some bold pictures on Instagram.

She was called 'slut' by some.

After being criticized, she uploaded more such hot pictures showing her haters middle finger!

And that's what they DESERVE. 

This is one of the pictures which sparked controversy in Indian Internet.

There are many shameful comments still in this picture.

Not just for showing their body parts...

Actresses like Deepika Padukone had to face comments where some people shamed her saying 'malnutrition-ed'.

Hats off to these ladies who take pride in the beauty of their body and soul.

They inspire women like me, every single day.