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These Best Friend Vs Normal Friend WhatsApp Chats Will Remind You Of Your Best Friend

We all have that one friend with whom we share 'an out of this world' chemistry and that one friend is our best friend. Our best friend is surely the one who cares for us, but a best friend is also the one who finds peace in teasing us day in day out. A best friend at times drags you in the some of the ugliest situations in life, but he also helps get out of the biggest problem in your life. A best friend is the one who will hardly hug in a while, but the moment a best friend embraces you in his warm hug, you tend to forget all the sorrows of life, and all you are left with is a big wide smile.So, friends, here's a chance for you to know whether or not you have a best friend in life. These WhatsApp chats will help you figure out the normal friends and that one best friend in your life.

When a normal friend pings you after a long time...

This is how he asks you about your well being. 

But this is what happens when your best friend pings...

Everything gets perfect! *Ting*

When your 'just a friend' asks you about your love life!

How many of you come up with a truth?

I am sure no one!

Coz secrets are meant to be told to the best friend exclusively.

A normal friend brings out a sophisticated person in you.

Isn't it, friends?

But a best friend brings out the dirtiest person in you.

I mean the dirty minds. *Wink*

When a normal friend consoles you, for your heartbreak!

He helps you feel good for sometime.

But, when a best tries to console you...

You simply forget all the sorrows of life. Isn't it? 

This is what happens when you find yourself in a 'panga'.

And you try to seek help from your normal friend.

But when your best friend gets to know about your 'Panga'...

He leaves no stone unturned to drag you out of it.

If you are in a trouble...

Your normal friend may step back from helping you.

But your best friend will come up with any 'Jugaad'.

To help you whenever you are in need.So friends, do value your best friend, coz best friends are God's greatest blessing.Also, don't forget to share this piece with your normal friends as well as best friends.