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13 Unbelievable Things You Probably Didn't Know About Medieval Era

Human history is full of wonders. When we look back to the past, we find lots of interesting things. The Medieval Era in the history of mankind lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. That was the time when Western Roman Empire collapsed, and the beginning of Renaissance occurred. Let's turn the pages of history and know more about the rare facts from the Middle Ages.  Source: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13  

Bizarre things about the Medieval era.

1. Black Death was the most devastating pandemic in human history.

An estimated 75 to 200 million of people died due to the horrifying plague in the 14th century. The disaster is believed to have started from the Central Asia which spread throughout the Europe. The infection spread from Black rats.

2. Chastity belts were designed to prevent sexual intercourse.

Chastity belts were made for a woman. A lady wore the chastity belt when her husband was out for the crusade. It was to maintain her faithfulness towards him.

3. Surgery was not conducted by physicians, but by barbers.

The term ''barber-surgeon'' was famous in the Medieval era. Generally barbers treated the injured soldiers with their sharp-bladed razors. Physicians who were busy in universities, just observed the patients.

4. Torture or execution technique was horrifying.

The saw was used for the humans to give them extreme torture.

5. Not all the Medieval authors used to write.

Many of the authors didn't write their original scripts, they used to re-tell the stories of the Church Fathers and other classical writers.

6. Almost all the knights had long hair.

In Medieval times, short hair was taken as the symbol of a servitude. So, the knights kept their hair long. They belonged to noble families and learned the skills of war since their boyhood.

7. Animals were often punished for criminal issues.

Animals were sentenced as they were humans. Farm animals were charged for injuring or killing people. Medieval records say, even mice were taken to courts for stealing harvest from a farm.

8. Attempts were made to ban football games.

The first law to ban football was passed in 1314 in England. The reason was the hustling in the city due to the football games. The prohibition was lifted in 1970s.

9. Majority of places in Medieval age had no pavements. People walked on bare lands.

...and the lands were full of human and animal wastes.

10. Even bread could kill you.

Poor people suffered from starvation during summer. Due to the shortage of food, they used to make the bread from fungus containing old rye, which was poisonous and may cause death.

11. Farm animals were comparatively smaller than today's.

Domestic animals in a Medieval era were comparatively smaller than that of today. This is because the scientific breeding technique was not started. Bulls and oxen were a little bigger than today's calves. Sheep were also much smaller than today's.

12. The shoes were up to two feet long.

The shoes in the Medieval times were comparatively too long. Long-toed shoes were taken as the symbol of fashion. These shoes were called poulaines and were popular around Europe from 12th to 15th century.

13. Archery practice was mandatory for males.

Archers were valuable in the battle. Football craze was seen as the distraction from archery practice, so King Edward of England passed Archery Law in 1363 in which all males were ordered to practice archery for two hours every Sunday. Edward then put a ban in football.