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20 Important Things That Your Dog Wants To Tell You!

Everybody in this world needs love and so does that coltish shoe-chewer, nap-taker, mischief-maker and tail-chaser at your home.  I believe, a dog is the most adorable and worth owning pet one can ever have. Dogs are not only faithful as they are conventionally claimed to be, but also equally, or maybe more loving, caring, understanding, protective and sensitive beings. You just need to open up your hearts to understand them better and stop mistaking them. I have seen different varieties of people when dogs happen to be the hotly contested debate- people who only love dogs, people who love as well as own dogs, they who neither love nor own dogs and sadly they, who own but do not love their dogs. A dog demands nothing but just some of your time. Bringing a dog home, locking him up in chains and feeding him timely is neither called loving a pet nor should you call it owning one. If you have a pet, give him proper attention, care, love and above all, something that he needs and expects the most- some of your time. I'm here with some things that your dog has always been wanting you to know. Go through them and see how you can't resist going and cuddling your pet hard at the end of the story.

1. Please do not go on holidays and leave me home alone.

It is the worst feeling to see you all going on a holiday and leaving me back. I don't feel like eating anything and the life seems hell. Please try to take me along whenever you can.

2. Do not brush me off when I jump at you when you return home.

My life is only for about 10-15 years and you can make that time worthwhile and happy for me. I understand that you have work to do and responsibilities to handle, but I really hope to spend some good time with you.

3.Teach me new things, please!

Learning new tricks gives me a way to stay active.

4. Don't be angry with me for a long time.

I never do mistakes on purpose. It just happens that some things that look exciting to me are wrong for you. I love you and I can not live when you are angry or ignorant.

5. I will always remember the way you treat and love me.

I would always be obliged for all your love and care. And I promise, I would give manifolds of it back to you.

6. Let me make some new friends.

Sure I like everybody's company back at home and I'm also aware of how possessive you are about me; but as you do, I too love to make new friends!

7. Give me some time to understand what you are saying.

In spite of trying hard, sometimes it is difficult for me to understand the things you say. Do not start blaming me or cursing me if I fail at understanding you. Better give me some time.

8. Do not hit me. I too need toys!

I feel helpless when you hit me instead of trying to understand what I want to express. I might act troublesome when hungry, bored or unwell. Do not hit me, please try to understand what I want to express.

9. There will be times when I will be sad for no reason.

I expect a little attention and extra care of yours when I am not fine as usual. Do not confound my unwellness to laziness or stubbornness.

10. Let me have a glimpse of your world.

I want to see some places other than those that I daily see. A change from backyard to the nearest park, a pet store or simply a ride in the car would be exhilarating for me. You have no clue how excited I get to see the places you want to show me.

11. Understand me when I wish to spend some time alone

Playing or cuddling with you is all that I want. But sometimes, though rarely, I feel like spending some time all on myself. Do not be sad if in hot summers, I sleep on the floor instead of the bed that you made for me or if I become less active with growing age and do not play as much as I used to.

12. Do not leave me outside when the weather is bad.

I don't ask for a heater or a couch. But, I surely do deserve a place in the drawing room with a rug and some warm milk, don't I?

13. Speak to me

I do not understand your tongue, yet I love to see you talking to me. I feel so blessed when you keep popping a question or a teaser at me with those lovely expressions!

14. Make me feel comfortable when I am scared

Loud noises, strange people and new places make me afraid and uneasy. I want you to let me know that there is nothing to worry and that you are there to take care of me.

15. Trust me!

I want you to trust me, like I trust you. I will never hurt you for sure.

16. Let me get dirty once in a while

Let me go to my wild roots as long as it is safe for me and comfortable for you. My world thrives outdoors and yet I inhabit myself happily in your indoor world. Would you not let me live free sometimes?

17. Touch me!

Even if I fail to understand your words, I very well understand your feelings when you nestle me in your arms or rub my ears or scratch that itchy spot on my back. It's a great feeling to have you doing that much for me!!

18. I would be glad if I get some treats

As a dog, I don't know why you don't let me eat all the delicious stuff that you eat. But, if you give me small treats in some intervals, I would definitely be very pleased and wag my tail extra hard!

19. Love me even when I am old, as you did when I was young.

I do not forget things easily. The times when you played with me and cuddled me when I was a pup, stay fresh in my mind. If my old age keeps you from coming near to me, touching me or loving me anymore; I will be really missing the old days!

20. Don't stop caring when I am on my final journey.

I want you by my side when my end is near. I know it will be difficult for you when I will have to leave this world, but I want you to know that every breath down to my last breath will be easier if you are with me.