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Do You Know That This Famous Villain Of Bollywood Met A Really Tragic Death?

Rami Reddy will always be an unforgettable name in the Film Industry. The actor has served Bollywood and South industry by playing villainous characters in more than 200 movies – some of them are immortal in our memories. Especially, his negative role of ‘Chikara’ in 1993 release – 'Waqt Hamara Hai' and ‘Anna’ in ‘Pratibandh’ won him a lot of appreciation and made him directors’ favourite choice. But the actor had to face some tragic scenes in his real-life as he was diagnosed with liver disease. Let's move further to know more about Rami's life.

The complete story of Rami Reddy aka Gangasani Rami Reddy.

He was born on 1st January 1959 in Valmikipuram village of Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district.

His early life...

Rami graduated in Bachelor of Journalism from Osmania University. Before turning towards the silver screen, Rami worked as a journalist for a newspaper – Munsif Daily.It will be difficult for you to digest that such a popular celebrity like Rami Reddy died a tragic death. 

Rami made his first screen presence with a Telugu movie.

His debut movie was 'Ankusham' released in 1990. His impressive role of ‘Spot Naga’ and impactful dialogues in the flick gained immense popularity.

His entry in Bollywood was an easy one.

In the same year, Rami made his bollywood debut with the movie ‘Pratibandh’. His notable role of ‘Anna’ in the movie established him and made him a well-recognized face in the industry. Thereafter, he worked for a series of Hindi films too.But his life took a tragic turn then... 

Due to ill health...

Rami started avoiding public presence and started spending his most of the time at home. 

His health kept declining...

It was a double-blow for him as it is reported that he suddenly started suffering from kidney complications as well.The picture in the next slide will show you a drastic change in the actor after his health started declining.

Rami became unrecognisable due to his declining health. 

The picture above is a proof. 

Soon, Bollywood lost its great actor...

Eventually, he was admitted to a private hospital, and after months of treatment, Rami succumbed to his diseases. He took his last breath on 14th April 2011.

Rami's journey in Bollywood was undoubtedly a remarkable one.

He was one of the favourite villains among the Indian audience. His tragic death was surely a saddening for his fans and followers.