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12 Dangerous Travel Destinations in India You'd Never Want To Visit

I have seen, many of my friends desire to go on vacation full of thrill, where they experience adrenaline rush every moment. Are you the same?So, for all those who love to have adventurous and spine-chilling travel experiences, I have a list of some places here in our own country. Not only Indians, many travellers from outside India come here to visit these places every year for thrilling experiences.Excited to know more about these? Come on.

DRAS: One can freeze in this place.

Dras, also known as the 'The Gateway Of Ladakh' is the second coldest habitable across the world. This place is not for those who can't resist cold. Professional traveller Aakash Ranison says, Dras is 'a must visit' place for all passionate travellers. 

BASTAR: Naxalites may accompany you during your vacay.

Bastar is a beautiful town in Chhattisgarh which comprises of dense forests and rivers. What makes this place a 'not-so-safe one' is Naxalism. Yes, you read that right. Bastar is said to be a place for Naxalites and if you plan to visit, you must keep this thing in mind.

KHARDUNG LA: This isn't a place for an acrophobic (a person who has a fear of heights).

One of the most favourite and popular sites among trekker and mountaineers, Khardung La is a place in Ladakh situated at extremely high altitude. Presence of an inadequate amount of oxygen in Khardung La makes it a dangerous one to visit.

PAMBAN BRIDGE: Magnificient is the word.

Pamban Bridge, the one which connects Rameshwaram to Central India, is considered as one of the most dangerous sea bridges ever. This 102-year-old bridge lets ships to pass from underneath and requires minimum 12 people to pull levers to change the ascent manually. 

KAILASH MANSAROVAR: Adventure trip and a pilgrimage too.

One need to trek 18,000 feet above the ground to reach this place. Once you accomplish the mission of climbing this steep mountain, one would surely encounter an experience of a lifetime. But trekking here isn't a child's play coz altitude sickness, nausea, and blurred vision are the obstacles you need to face every single minute while you climb up.

THAR DESERT: House of black cobras.

Danger resides beneath the beautiful sand cover in the Thar desert. Walking on the massive sand cover surely makes you realise the power and beauty of nature. But beyond this breathtakingly superb nature is a ton of saw-scaled vipers, black cobras, and sand boa, which make this place amazing yet menacing.

ROOPKUND: A mysterious place with endless skeletons.

Roopkund, a lake situated in Uttarakhand has something which one can never ever think of. Yes, friends, Roopkund is one such blessing of nature which leaves one threatened coz it is a lake full of skeletons.I am scared! And you?

KISHTWAR KAILASH ROAD: Breathtakingly dangerous!

This road isn't just considered to be one of the scariest roads in India but is said to be a frightening one across the globe too. Travelling through Kishtwar Kailash Road is more like escaping death quite literally.

GUREZ VALLEY: Dangerous yet beautiful!

Gurez Valley is located near the Line of Control (LoC). One has to travel 120 km from Srinagar to reach this amazingly beautiful place which is highly volatile too, coz it falls near LoC. 

DUMAS BEACH: One can sense paranormal activities here.

The Dumas Beach situated in Surat city of Gujarat is a popular tourist attraction. The beach is famous for its stark black sand that makes it look haunted and at times, tourists here have also sensed paranormal activities.Caution: Never think of visiting this place post sunset. 

BHANGARH FORT: Spirit of a Sadhu pays a visit here.

Bhangarh Fort is surely known globally for its amazing architecture and is also famous for the paranormal activities which take place in this fort situated in Rajasthan. It is said that the violent spirits in the fort, forced the locales to move to the outskirts.As per the rules issued by state government, one is not allowed to venture here after dark.Caution: One with a weak heart should not think of paying a visit to this place. 

KULDHARA: Also known as a ghost town.

This lonesome place situated in the deserts of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, is a spooky one. It is said that the spirits of villagers who were compelled to leave their ancestral land, still reside in Kuldhara. If reports are to be believed, the people who try to stay in this area after sunset, experience some strange paranormal activities.Thanks for reading the article. Cheers!