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Famous Bollywood Comedians And Their Lesser-Known Wives 

"Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot" – Charlie Chaplin.This quote pretty much sums up the contribution of a comedian in our life. They light up the atmosphere and are always there to rescue us from those dark, depressing days. Most of us are a die-hard fan of these legendary actors, we love their punchlines, comic timing and sense of humour. Have you ever wondered who is that one person in front of whom our favourite comedians get absolutely mum? It is obviously their significant other, I mean their beloved wives. We have seen these comedians perform on the stage, but it is actually their wives who are the real performers. We have listed down lesser-known wives of famous Bollywood comedians, some might take you by surprise too. 

Sunil Grover

Sunil is one of the finest comedians that we have in the Hindi Television Entertainment industry. He married an interior designer, Aarti. He often performs his punches and jokes in front of her. The couple is also blessed with a two-year-old son, Mohan. 

Johnny Lever

Johnny tied the knot with his wife Sujatha in 1984. Johnny believes that his wife is the reason why he survived for such a long time in the industry. She has been a constant support throughout. You will be happy to know that the couple is blessed with two kids, a daughter Jamie who is a stand-up comedian too and a son Jesse.

Sanjay Mishra 

Sanjay is known for his comic roles in some very noteworthy films. Initially, the actor was very scared to remarry after his failed marriage but after being insisted by the family he agreed to an arranged marriage which happened in 2009.

Rajpal Yadav 

The actor met his wife Radha in Canada and her simplicity attracted him the most, after taking things slow, the couple eventually got married and she shifted to India. 

Raju Srivastav

Raju is known for his observational comedy, he takes instances from his everyday life and changes them to something comic. He is married to Shikha Srivastav and has two children. 

Krishna Abhishek

Krishna's wife needs no introduction, the duo was in a relationship for a really long time (almost nine years) and they eventually tied the knot in 2013. 

Sunil Pal 

Sunil is in a happy wedlock with Sarita and the duo is blessed with two sons, Prabal and Saral. 

Kiku Sharda 

Do I have to mention the details about this couple? The duo sizzled the stage of Nach Baliye together and are going strong as ever. 

Chandan Prabhakar 

Chandan married his beloved wife, Nandini, on April 25, 2015. 

Ali Asgar 

Famous actor Ali has a beautiful wife, Siddika, and two children namely Ada and Nuyaan. 

Ehsaan Qureshi 

Ehsaan married wife Rachana who holds a Masters degree in Hindi Literature, that's not all her articles and poetry have also been featured in various magazines.