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Meet The Real Life Rancho From 3 Idiots Who Performed Child Delivery On A Moving Train

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." - Ralph Waldo EmersonAn initiative is something that we do without being told. How many of you have ever taken the initiative at a point of time? If the ratio is less, it's time for us to give our virtue a second thought.But the story I am about to share with you people today is about a brave medical intern, Vipin Khadse who decided to help a pregnant lady in labour to deliver a baby in moving train when he found no doctor around. You will be shocked to know how he handled the complicated delivery with the help of taking instructions from his seniors through WhatsApp.In a conversation with WittyFeed, Vipin shared his experience about the whole incident and how he took the initiative to do something better rather than just being a layman at the situation. 

The 24-year-old who helped a woman give birth on a moving train.

He is a final stage MBBS training student at the Nagpur-based Government Medical College & Hospital. Born to a farmer, Vipin narrates how 'patience' is a gift from his father. In his childhood, he was an average student who was aware of the poor condition of 'Doctor to Patient Ratio' in India. The less number of doctor availability in different rural parts of the country motivated him to become a doctor. 

The most memorable 30-minutes of his life.

On 7th April, while travelling from Akola to Nagpur via Ahmedabad-Puri Express, Vipin realized that the train was suddenly put on halt near the Wardha junction. He then saw the TC looking for a doctor. He kept quite presuming there must be other experienced doctors on the train. But when the TC came for the second time...

He found a 22-year-old pregnant lady in immense labour pain.

When he reached the general coach, he found a 22-year-old pregnant lady who was in immense labour pain. Plus the coach was getting hot during the noon. Describing the complicated situation of the lady in labour, Vipin said, "The first complication was the presentation of the baby, as it was his shoulder rather than his head that was coming out of the vagina. He also said that due to stress and unexpected labour and accidental rupture of the sac, such things happen."

He reached out to the resident doctors of his college through WhatsApp.

They suggested him to do Episiotomy. Since he is an intern, he had roll bandage, sterile surgical blade, mask, gloves and suture thread in his bag. "It's been more than 5 months and I still remember the phone call when they all said, 'You have to do  it Vipin whatever may be the scene but you have to do it!'" 

He got the baby out but it wasn't breathing.

After getting the baby out from Episiotomy, he focused on helping the mother who was bleeding continuously. To make the bleeding stop, Vipin used chilled water bottles available in the train and roll bandage. Soon after the bleeding reduced, he noticed that the baby wasn't breathing. He again contacted his seniors and college mates. He took the advice of using mouth to mouth breathing and soon the baby responded. 

In an interview with WittyFeed, he said...

"Honestly, when I came to know about shoulder presentation, I was so much shaken that my brain was not processing anything. The whole crowd was moving towards me and expecting that I will do it but It was my first time, and my legs were shivering. But I was a little bit confident like1-2%."

Now, Vipin has become world famous.

"I got messages from Russia, US, UAE, Qatar, Hongkong, UK, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan Pakistan, Afghanistan and more places. They not just congratulated me but also motivated me to do something more in the future. I also received lots of messages from Gulf countries and India for an opinion about their illness. That time, I decided that I can counsel patients online and can do health awareness. I did the same and got positive feedbacks for it as well," he added.He has realized the need of easy medical facilities by online consultation in India and Gulf countries.    

Vipin wants to do specialization in Trauma.

"This is neurosurgery. I know it's too difficult in India, but still, I will try at least. Then, I want to open a parallel setup of healthcare where I can do both preventive aspect and treatment aspect for serving communities like rural, tribal and poor from the urban, for free," Vipin said. 

Facebook Inc also wants to make a story on him.

He made registration for Guinness Book of World Records for 'The First Complicated Child Delivery In A Running Train Using WhatsApp'. With the same reference, Facebook Inc which is the owner of WhatsApp is making a short film on this story. They will be coming all way from the US to India on November 13th, 14th and 15th to shoot the film.

Vipin has something to convey to all the doctors and interns...

In the end, Vipin added a simple message for all the interns and doctors out there. He said, "A Living Complication Is Better Than a Dead Solution."We really appreciated what you did, Vipin. And not just us, every other individual in this country is proud of you. If you liked the story, then reach out to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com