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16 Times When Mahendra Singh Dhoni Proved That He Is Just Like 'All Of Us'

Mahendra Singh Dhoni aka M S Dhoni aka Mahi aka Captain Cool is surely the coolest celebs ever in the history of India.Even when Dhoni was just a skipper in the Indian Cricket Team and then when he was selected as the captain of Indian Cricket Team to now when he stepped down as Captain, Mahi has been the same throughout his journey as a successful cricketer till date and we are sure he will remain the same all his life.I am sure all his fans follow him for his excellence in cricket, but they love him for the way Dhoni has been. Mahi made people go crazy for his skills and performance on the field, but he made people fall in love with him for his down to earth approach to life.Time and again he has proved that he isn't fond of that stardom rather loves to keep it simple. So, when Dhoni once again proved that he is like all of us, we decided to reminisce all such events.

Mahi's chill factor!

After thrashing Australia in MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai on Sunday, Team India was seen relaxing at Chennai Airport. And do you know who has won this chilling game? None other than MS Dhoni. BCCI tweeted this image, where you can see how cool Dhoni looked sprawling on the floor of the airport.

Isn't he super cool?

I am sure Dhoni's chilling style must have reminded you of your style to spend time at the airport. Isn't it?Check next slide to see many such adorable snaps of Captain Cool.

One from the green room.

Here you can find Dhoni enjoying meal with his friends and team mates, sitting on the floor.

One from Dhoni's wedding diaries.

Just like any other groom, Dhoni also enjoyed his D-Day with his friends and this image is a proof of it.

A protective life partner.

We all are aware of Sakshi and Dhoni's romantic love story. They make such a hot couple together. 

How cute this man is.

In the next picture you'll see Dhoni with his small and happy family.

And his family picture is cuter than anything else.

Dhoni with his little munchkin steals the show.

Love knows no boundaries.

Dhoni simply ruled our hearts when he took Pakistani Skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed's son in his arms and clicked a picture with this little bundle of joy.

When Captain Cool shared a frame.

This image reminds me of my groupfies with my friends. Mahi enjoyed this selfie with Kohli and Yuvraj.Next picture says a lot about Dhoni's calm and composed nature.

We are in love with his gestures.

He is loved for his down to earth approach and admired for being a great human being.

When Dhoni decided to embrace Dharti Maa.

I literally fell in love with him all over again when this happened during a match between India vs Sri Lanka.

Sakshi & Dhoni in a frame.

Just like Captain Cool, his wife Sakshi also loves to keep it simple.

This image was captured...

When Dhoni was seen particpating in a Pujan with wife Sakshi, in a temple in New Jersey.

Dhoni and his gestures are to die for!

In the year 2015, during fifth ODI against South Africa in Mumbai, Dhoni helped Faf du Plessis, the skipper from opponent team, to get rid of those crams during the game. Despite being in the middle of the match, Captain Cool did not hesitate to help him feel better.

Sho sho cute! I am in love with this doting dad. 


Dhoni and his angel Ziva in a frame.

Just like every other father, Dhoni also loves spending time with his toddler Ziva. Refer this image for proof.We are surely in love with Mahi and his cool attitude. Post your comments in the section below if you loved to take a look at all these adorable images of M S Dhoni.If you love to read what I write, send in your thoughts here: gauri@wittyfeed.com