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Be It Red Or Orange, Every Lip Colour Says Something About Your Personality

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but lipsticks run a close second. They are an essential part of a woman's make-up bag. Don't you agree with me, pretty, ladies? We tend to invest a lot of our money and time when selecting a lip colour, it is as tacky as selecting an outfit. The choices we make define the kind of personality that we have. So, it should not come as a surprise when I say that the colour of lipstick that we apply more often determines our personality and certain traits that we possess. We at WittyFeed have listed down some basic lip shades that all women tend to have, let me take you through the story and help you find the answer as to what colour would best describe YOU. 

Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.

Numerous brands have emerged in the last decade to provide a woman with all that she needs. However, different women have different needs, and it completely depends on the kind of a person you are. Let's see what our most favourite lip shades have to say about our personality. 

Ravishing Red 

As per an article, the colour red screams BOLD. It is a sign of being passionate and sexy. If you decide to wear a bright red lipstick, it reflects your confidence and willingness to stand apart from the rest. If the pink shade is your favourite, then you need to read further.

Phenomenal Hot Pink 

Women who love wearing pink are believed to be romantic and bubbly. You are more likely to be an outspoken and energetic person who can light up the room with her smile. 

Buoyant Baby Pink 

This colour shows sassiness and youthfulness. Although girls who wear this colour might be innocent, they also have tenderness and high ambitions.If you want to know whether you have flirtatious qualities or not, then check the next picture.

Winsome Wine Red

This colour suggests a sleeker version of being flirtatious. Your dark lips shout confidence but in a more sophisticated way. You are bound to be a shopaholic, and that's not enough, people who love this lip shade often love listening to loud music.

Mischievous Maroon 

According to an article, when a friend is in need, the first person they consult is YOU. Being intuitive, straightforward and fearless are some of your USP. Next colour will tell you about your adventurous side...

Optimistic Orange 

This color shows the love for outdoors.These women are adventurous and they love to travel a lot. 

Captivating Coral 

These women are lovers, they don't believe in fighting with anyone and tend to create an aura where you will only feel like respecting them. They balance their personal and professional life really well. If you are a girl who loves to apply purple shade, then you surely need to know this...

Passionate Purple 

The darker the shade, the regal the personality. The colour purple symbolises luxury, power and some mystery.  

When you are just a lip balm person.

According to Reader's Digest, these women take no nonsense, and one must always take them seriously. They are usually more practical, and no one can mess with them. That's all, folks. Like and share the story with your friends. You can also share your thoughts with me at muskan@wittyfeed.com