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Do You Know Farting Isn't a Disease But a Key To Healthy Body and Mind?

You will be amazed to know about the surprising health benefits of cracking the rat. It is very embarrassing to be caught in a situation when we get a nature’s call to fart – and many times this urge is unbearable.We either start holding it in or try to find a place to pass the gas without letting anyone know, out of the fear of being laughed at. But honestly, to pass the wind is so relaxing, and guess what it has health benefits too. Yes, you read that right, farting is a sign of having a healthy digestive system. It also shows the balanced level of gut bacteria in your body. 

Did you know...

According to a study, on an average, humans fart 5–10 times a day, which sometimes goes to a count of 14 also.

Do you know what induces fart?

The prime reason of our farts is the kind of food we eat – where Carbohydrate contained food majorly causes flatulence.

Farting reduces bloating

Farting reduces bloating, which is caused by the accumulation of gas in your gut.

Types of fart

Passing wind is an indication of the proper digestion of your food. Types of fart depend upon the type of food you eat. If you’ve consumed heavy lunch, the room is going to smell like hell, and if some form of carbohydrate is included in your meal, the odour will be more natural and bearable.

A healthier abdomen

Not letting gas to pass for a long time can cause abdominal pain. Thus, farting freely reduces the pain and keeps your abdomen healthy.

Healthy colon for healthier large intestine.

Holding your farts may affect the colon, an important part of large intestine. Thus, for a healthier system, let the gas pass whenever needed.

Smell your farts

It’s a grotesque fact that everyone likes the smell of their own farts. Well, according to a renowned website, smelling your fart may reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and arthritis. The reason is that the presence of Hydrogen Sulphide in your gas prevents the cells from getting damaged.

Detecting allergy from various food items

You can easily determine your food allergies through your passing winds. After consuming something specific, if the flatulence is more, it suggests that you are allergic to that food.