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We Bet You Didn't Know About These Ill Effects Of Using Condoms In Excess

It’s a naked reality of our society that we still consider sex as a taboo subject to discuss, which is quite significant and necessary though. Friend’s gyaan and porn movies are considered as the best teachers in our country to gather some knowledge about sex. This is misleading us and has embedded many misconceptions in our mind – which is far from reality. Likewise, a condom is another subject about which we don’t talk openly. Have we ever put this topic on the table, to discuss its proper usage and significance? Never; ‘coz we’ve forbidden such topics by tagging them with obscenity. We even feel shy to buy condoms from medical shops. This leads to an unsafe physical contact and eventually is an invitation to various sexual illnesses. 

Very few of us are aware of the fact...

That supplementing to stop pregnancy, condoms lessen the risk of having STD (sexually transmitted disease).

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

You might have heard and read a lot about condoms, but poor quality and improper usage may give birth to many diseases. So, get ready to unpack some side-effects of condoms.

It doesn't provide you with 100% protection.

Even a properly worn condom gives you 98% surety of having safe sex, whereas, its improper usage makes 15 out of 100 women pregnant.

It isn't reliable for a comprehensive protection.

Condoms give maximum protection from the diseases related to internal parts and immune system as: HIV, HPV and Syphilis. But it can’t protect you from external infections such as Scabies and Molluscan contagious.

It can spread infection of infected partner to the sober one.

Condoms made from animal skin fail to restrict the transfer of STD virus into the skin of unaffected one.

Condoms too come with an expiry date.

Very few of us are known to the fact that condoms also come with an expiry date. An expired condom may get damaged during the intercourse.

Use of external lubricants can be risky.

Use of petroleum jelly or cooking oil – to get more pleasure, reacts with the latex and may cause the tearing of condoms.

You think double condoms is an extra safety? 

No, it isn't. Many people have a misconception that using two condoms simultaneously will give extra protection. But on the contrary, it causes friction between the two and may damage them in turn.

It may cause allergies.

The condoms we buy are usually made from latex rubber, which is also used to make hand-gloves, balloons, etc. A study reports that the protein present in this rubber latex may cause allergies to many skin types. 

These are the symptoms which prove that you're allergic to latex condoms.

Some of these symptoms are found in those who are affected by the rubber latex: Itching, swelling, breathing issues, unconsciousness, sneezing, etc. 

You can use these for extra pleasure and safety too!

Very few people know that apart from rubber latex, natural skin condoms and synthetic rubber condoms are also available. Thus, using such options can be helpful in preventing them from any allergy and sexual diseases. So, readers, do share this knowledge as much as you can. If you find this piece of information useful, don't forget to comment in the section below.You can also send in your thoughts here: gauri@wittyfeed.com