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Do You Know These Benefits Of Being In Love?

"Madhav is an aspiring writer stuck in a dead-end corporate job that gives him no joy and no time to write his book. But there's more to him than meets the eye. He has been hiding a secret all his life-which, if revealed, may shatter the very existence of his being. His loved ones know he's holding something back but don't suspect anything grave until his girlfriend, Meera, tired of his constant mood swings, decides to take him to an art therapy session. There he meets someone who tries to unearth the past Madhav so desperately wants to keep buried. So what exactly happened years ago? Why does Madhav not want to go down memory lane?"The storyline seems interesting, huh?Let's talk about love today. We all have fallen in love in one way or the other. We are loved by parents, grand parents, siblings, friends, best friends etc... But out of all, don't you think the love and the bonding we share with our partner is special and unique?Recently I encountered a book named Love Will Find A Way that highlights how 'love' turned into a positive turning point in a guy's life. Before you go for the book, let's see its excerpts! 

Love helps fight depression and is a great antidote to stress.

The feeling of being in love helps you love people around you which results in having a positive outlook towards life.

It makes you learn to enjoy your own company and forgive others in the worst of cases.

Love helps a family pull through in the direst of circumstances.

Love has the power to get us through all sorts of fights in our day to day life.

Love can make you grow into a beautiful human being.

Love can help you overcome your past and find a way to a new you. 

Love helps you believe in your passion and work towards your dreams.

Love gives you the strength to face your biggest fears.

Love gives you the confidence to write and tell your stories to the world.

Love makes you see beyond right and wrong.

Love gives you the courage to fight against all odds. 

We all agree with these amazing benefits the power of love provides us. Thanks to an emerging author who made us recall these pointers. From the bestselling author of A Half-Baked Love Story and Love . . . Not for Sale comes another enigmatic tale of friendship, hidden truths and the redeeming power of love."

Here you meet Love Will Find A Way... written by Anurag Garg and published by Penguin Random House.

"Anurag Garg is an engineering graduate from BVCOE, New Delhi. Random thoughts, eligible to be put together in the form of a story dragged him to his destiny, and he finally found his forte in writing. He finds himself close to nature and believes in creating circles of love and service around him. He lives in New Delhi and works in the IT industry."So, when are you reading 'Love Will Find A Way'?