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Ever Wondered How Draupadi Managed Her Intimate Life With Five Husbands?

Polygamy might sound bizarre today. But the concept was introduced and practised thousands of years ago in Dwapar Yuga, the era when the battle of Mahabharata took place. According to it, Draupadi accidentally got married to all five Pandavas. Recently, Draupadi was on the table and created a lot of buzz on social media. Many people put different opinions about the physical relations and the first night of her marriage, but very few of us know the reality. Well, many of us know that Draupadi was actually married to the greatest warrior, Arjuna, who won her during the swayamvar. But still, people look for the answers to some questions: how she got married to all five brothers? And her relations with all of them. But this article is full of stuff you are looking for and will surely put an end to all the assumptions. So, without wasting time let's lift the curtain on this scene of Mahabharata.

Who was Draupadi?

Draupadi was one of the prominent characters of Mahabharata. According to the epic story, Draupadi was the daughter of King of Panchal, Dhrupad. And it is believed that she was born from a Yagya kund.

Tale of her marriage.

Her marriage is a well-known scene of Mahabharata. All five Pandavas took part in the Svayamvar organized for Draupadi’s marriage. According to the clause of the Svayamvar, the one who will perfectly aim the eye of fish (Hung of the roof) by looking its image in the water below. Being a great archer, Arjun emerged as the winner of that Svayamvar and got married to Draupadi. 

What made her marry Pandavas?

Arjuna, with his brothers, took Draupadi to his mother, Kunti. As she was busy with her work, she unknowingly said that whatever you have brought, distribute it among you all five.

Her life post marriage.

This statement of Kunti bedazed everyone there. Even when she realized, she remained stunned. As all the five brothers were obedient, they accepted Draupadi as their wife.

Rumours on her 'first night'.

Many people believe that Draupadi spent her first night with Yudhishthira, followed by Bhim, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev.

Role of Narad Muni.

After their marriage, Narad Muni came to meet Pandavas, and told them a story from the past. The story was of the mightiest brothers, Sund and Upsund, who even conquered Gods. But a girl created differences between the two and they killed each other. Narad didn’t want this to happen with pandavas, and thus, he suggested them to make a rule.

And the rule was made.

The rule stated that Draupadi will live with each Pandava for a definite period of time. And no brother is allowed to enter when she is spending private time with any one of them, otherwise, he’ll be punished to suffer Vanvas. 

Arjun was punished.

According to the story, once Yudhishthira was spending some quality time with Draupadi. That time a man came to Arjuna seeking for his help. The man told Arjuna that some thieves stole his cattle. Arjuna agreed to help him, but his arms were kept in Yudhishthira's room. So, he broke the rule and entered the room. Eventually, he got to suffer the Vanvas.

Her bond with Pandavas.

Once Satyabhama asked Draupadi that how she manages to keep all brothers happy? Draupadi replied, “I just serve them all with the purity and by keeping anger, lust and ego away from me. I don’t even take bath before them."