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This Is What Happened When A Woman Slapped An Indian Army Officer (Video)

How would you react if you see people who spend sleepless nights on the border to make sure we live peacefully being disrespected? Displeased and gloomy, I guess. The major embarrassment for a country is when its saviours are insulted. Indian Army consists of the real super heroes who stand at the frontier all day so that we can sleep peacefully at night. It is not just by compulsion, even our conscience and ethics can never let us disrespect them.The video I am about to show you will make you question the morals we support. In the clip, a lady was captured slapping an Indian army officer. Yes, you read it right, an army officer. What is even more disgraceful, is that the lady kept on scolding the individual and he didn't even once attempt to hit her back. The video that took rounds on social media was seen by a number of people and was also associated with multiple comments. Check out the video and tell us your viewpoint in the comment section. 

The video was captured by someone in the next car.

The lady ridiculously knocked the man and got into her vehicle. The other army officers can be seen requesting her to stop and even the army guy was trying to calm her down. But what actually happened can be seen in this video.

The lady slapped an army officer.

There are no reports regarding the woman or the reason behind this conflict. Keep reading to see how people reacted to this incident. 

People respected the army man for not being harsh to the woman even after she slapped him. 

A real shame!

It is true that if we can live freely in the country, it is because of the armed forces present at the borders.

This army officer deserves appreciation for being calm.

Though, it isn't clear whose fault it is, the way this lady acted is shameful.

If he has done something wrong, one can file a complaint, but this...

Is this what an Indian Army officer should get as a benefit for safe guarding the country? 

Some claimed that one must get to the actual verdict before giving such statements.

Even if she had a reason, she was not supposed to take the law into her hand.

She may also have a reason to do so...

The video earned a lot of attention, and several people yielded what they feel about the incident. The reason behind this incident is still unknown, but such cases often raise questions of human morals. What do you think?Got a story? Reach out to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com