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There's No Family By This Actor Who Is In Coma For Last 10 Months Now

The very talented Neeraj Vora who didn't just acted brilliantly in hit films like Mann, Badshah, Bol Bachchan, et al, but also created some of the greatest Hindi films till date.  Famous for his comic roles and loved for his talent of making people laugh, Neeraj is a great actor and has been a part of Bollywood for a long time now. One of the greatest comedians in the Hindi film Industry, Neeraj Vora who always made us laugh with superb acting skills, this update from his personal front, left us sad today. Yes, Neeraj Vora is out of his senses since 10 months and is severely ill. Sad, isn't it? And my heart sank when I came to know that there's no family by this actor and filmmaker's side who is in a coma for last 10 months. There is also news that the actor is being recovered and showing signs of improvement.But there's a person from the film fraternity who is taking care of Vora. Let's know who is he.

On October 19 last year...

Vora suffered a heart attack followed by a brain stroke. The intensity of both the sudden attacks was so high and that it left Vohra's body in a vegetative state.

For initial treatments...

Vora was admitted to All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS), where he was under medication for a period of time of time.

As per a doctor's statement.

Even after treating Vora for three months, there weren't any signs of improvement."His condition has improved only a little bit. He was on ventilator support but is now a little better and out of the ICU. But he is still in coma. He also said that Vora is undergoing some natural therapies, but there has been no significant change in his condition." said a doctor from AIIMS on January 13 this year.

Born in Gujarat and brought up in Mumbai.

Vora had no-one by his side in the tough times of life, because he lost his wife years ago and had no children, but there is a friend who came forward to help him.

And the friend who is looking after Vora.

Is the leading director and producer, Firoz Nadiadwala. Right after Vora got discharged from AIIMS, In the month of March Neeraj was shifted to Nadiadwala's residence, Barkat, in Mumbai.

If reports are to be believed...

There's a room in Nadiadwala's Villa which has been turned into an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

According to Nadiadwala...

There's a ward boy, a nurse and a cook who have been appointed to look after Vora. He is also visited by a physiotherapist, neuro surgeon, acupuncture therapist and a general physician, twice a week.

One of Vora's friends who often visit him at Barkat...

Told to the media that Vora has started showing signs of recovery and said that we are sure he will recover completely in the near future.