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This Is How Baby Nisha Has Changed Sunny Leone's Life

It has been more than six years since Bollywood's Babydoll Sunny Leone got married to Daniel Weber. But, her fans have always waited for her to embrace motherhood and now when she is experiencing the one, we can't for her to share her experiences with us. Recently, Sunny and her husband Daniel adopted a baby girl named Nisha Kaur Weber. The duo was dying to be parents. However, they were not able to decide the right time for it. Now that the news and images are out, we hope for Nisha to make some public appearances with mommy Sunny. While there were some who trolled the actress for her big step, there were also who supported and appreciated her. Let's see what Sunny reported to Mumbai Mirror in her recent interview about her daughter Nisha 

Sunny shared her feelings.

The actress told Mumbai Mirror, the most adorable thing that has ever happened to her is adopting Nisha. She also stated that her daughter has been extremely adjusting and amazing. (The image has been used for depiction purpose only, it was taken at Facebook Headquarters)

When she revealed that her husband was dying to have a kid.

Sunny said in the interview that her husband and in laws were eagerly waiting for a child and now that Nisha has arrived, her family is completed. 

On being asked about her child's upbringing.

Sunny said that it is very important for any child to have a normal childhood. She told the reporters that she goes out with Nisha and spends quality time too. 

Where is the family going for their first vacation together? 

They are actually planning their first family trip together. We are eagerly waiting to see Nisha's first family vacation with her new parents. 

The most amazing thing about Nisha.

As per the interview, the most amazing thing about Nisha is that she is curious and she loves giving hugs and kisses. 

How is Daniel as a Daddy? 

Daniel does every possible thing to ensure the safety of his daughter. He feeds her, shows her new things and even cleans her nappies. 

Concerns and challenges of parenting.

The most important concern that Sunny feels require a lot of attention is Nisha's education. She wants her daughter to study in a reputed International school. 

See what celebrities have to say about Sunny's motherhood.

Esha Gupta posted a lovely tweet congratulating the duo. 

The Latur connection.

Riteish Deshmukh also wished the couple and made a funny revelation. 

Even her fans couldn't resist.

Sunny's fans were so over whelmed that they took to Twitter to appreciate her kind efforts. 

Salute to the couple!

Sunny is surely setting an example for many out there!

Scroll down to see what Sherlyn said...

Sherlyn Chopra  

She congratulated the couple for taking such a big step and said that parenthood has a lot of power. 

Here's the video 

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