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It's Not Just A Hole In The Ground. It's An Entire Secret Village Underneath!

The Summer season has reached its peak. Going out in the blistering heat and the sharp sunlight has become an everyday struggle for us. We all wish to spend our summer holidays at the cold places like hill stations and waterparks and stay there till the season ends. But we have found one more option for you where you can have the enjoyable time in this summer. The town of Coober Pedy in Australia which is an underground town built to escape the summer heat. They established their homes and even set their businesses into the chalky clay rocks. As other cities, this mining town also has the visiting places for its residents like underground churches, museums, art galleries, a bar, and hotels. The town has a population of 3500 residents who live in the mud caves. This Coober Pedy town is well known for supplying the world with the majority of gem quality opal.  This beautiful place has everything for you. So, what are your plans for this summer? Just step into the incredible world of underground town to make this summer holidays special and have lots of fun.

The underground Serbian Orthodox Church.

Welcome to the beautiful underground caves!

There was no existence of Coober Pedy town around 150 years ago.

The place was once entirely covered with the ocean but after the water had receded, the sandy silica minerals from the seabed flowed from the rocky cracks and over the time got solidify and then turned into multicolored gemstone opals.

In 1915, the residents of the town began to live underground.

Miner residents came up with the idea of an underground town to escape the heat of summer and cool desert nights of winters.

The residents live in the mud caves with all the basic amenities of a home above ground, including modern kitchens and televisions.

The residents have to live underground to rescue from the summer heat as temperature reach 50 degrees Celsius, which makes the survival quite difficult above the ground.

Art galleries attract tourists to an opal mining town.

Luxury arrangements for tourists in the underground hotels.

Every year residents come together to celebrate the end of summer.

The end of the hot season brings the festive time for the residents. They celebrate it with raffles, parades and organize several outdoor activities for every age groups.

You might have not noticed, but this Coober Pedy town has appeared in many movies.

The town is an attraction for the film-makers and it has shown in the various films like 'Fire in the stone', 'Pitch black', 'Red Planet' as well as in an episode of reality TV series 'Amazing Race'.

The town is also the home to the world's hottest golf course.

The underground book library is a paradise for readers.

The ways in this underground caves seem like a labryinth.

Residents have made the underground party zones where they can enjoy their evenings after the entire tiresome days.

Coober Pedy attraction of a mining truck kept on the stilts.

If you like to spend your summer travelling and exploring the beautiful places on the earth, you must visit this underground site. This will surely give you the unique experience of your summer journey.