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7 Amazing Poker Variations That Will Definitely Make Your Next Party Better And Bigger

"Life is not always about holding the good cards, but sometimes playing the poor hand well."Poker is one of the most famous families of the cards game which combines strategy, skills, and gambling. This game is famous worldwide and has so many variations.You may remember the simpler game, when we only used to play it with five-cards along with our grandparents, using pennies instead of chips.As the world has moved forward, this game has evolved a lot with variations, and today, it has crossed all the boundaries from simple to complex. What's more interesting to notice is that the match is also available for us to play online.So if you know one or two things about the game, or even if you don't know, always remember that quick decision making and luck play a huge role in making you the poker champion. However, there are seven fantastic poker variations which can make your next party "THE PARTY."Have a look!

#1 Texas Hold'em Poker

It is one of the most recognizable versions of poker in 2017. The game is simple enough for anyone to start the journey in the world of poker. You're dealt two cards at first; then there's round of betting. The players remaining see a flop, and then there's another round of betting. You see a turn card, and then there's another round of betting. After this comes the river card and the final round of betting. In the end, the one who has best five-card hand wins.

#2 Rummy

Simple yet a bit of intelligent variant of poker is Rummy. The game is all about matching the cards. The primary form of Rummy is to build a pack of matching cards. The matching cards will be set of three or four cards of the same rank or runs. 

#3 OFC Pineapple or Open Face Chinese Poker.

This particular variant of the game originated in Finland during the mid-2000s and is now spread all over Russia in such a short period. Open-Face Chinese poker or commonly known as OFC is a game in which player receives five cards to start with and then one card at the time until all the players have 13 card hand.

#4 Omaha hold'em poker

Omaha or Omaha hold'em poker is somewhere like Texas hold'em poker where each player is dealt with a particular set of cards through which they're required to make their best hand out of it. 

#5 Seven-card stud poker.

Seven-card stud, which is also known as Seven-Toed Pete or Down-The-River is another excellent variant of poker. Two to eight people participate in this game, and each player is dealt with a total number of seven cards. In the end, the player who makes the best five-card combination using the seven cards becomes the winner.

#6 32 Card Draw.

It is particularly exciting because the small cards like two to six are removed from the pack, so all you have to deal with is a lot of high cards. The online playing experience of this game is beyond imagination. Although you should keep in mind when you're playing - if you think you're leading in this game, remember so is your opponent. Exciting it is!

#7 Last but not the least, Americana.

Two to six people play this game. The game is played with 32 cards deck, without Joker and cards from two to six. There is total of four fantastic betting round in the match. The player who holds the best five-card poker hand wins the pot.

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