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These Pictures From Kareena's Latest Filmfare Shoot Show Her Beautiful Transformation 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Kareena? Erm... All of us are aware of the fact that she's a born star and a big believer of the mantra 'follow your heart'. This Nawabi Begum has been on the covers of various magazines that too not once or twice, but for numerous times and words are not enough to express what effect her charm has on her fans, including myself. Recently, the actress got clicked for a shoot for Filmfare Magazine cover and she looked hotter than ever. I mean, if it wasn't evident, who would have believed that she gave birth to a child a few months back? Dive deep into the story to watch her latest images that will literally give you some major goals and inspiration to work on yourself before working on anything else. 

Her unfazed charm. 

Isn't she looking ravishing? We are completely wooed by her charm and this 'oh-I-am-the-best' kind of attitude. 

That's unfair!

How can her genes be so perfect? This seductress has literally made way to everyone's heart with those bold kohl eyes. 

Every centimetre screams the word 'Diva'.

Oh, yes. It does. Doesn't it? 

Can we get her arrested for being so on point? 

I think that should be made a criminal offense because technically she's killing those single guys with her looks!

Ain't she the Goddess of glamour?

Certainly, we should declare this actress as the 'Goddess of Glamour' because glamour simply refuses to leave her side, come what may. 

Our September just got hotter.

This cover shoot made our September a lot better and apparently it is her birthday month too. PS- Eagerly waiting for 21st September. 

So much beauty in one frame.

I really liked the concept of the entire shoot with light shades and balloons in the background. It made Kareena look more beautiful.

Every inch reflects radiance.

Every inch of this actress reflects positive aura and radiance. I'm sure, by now everyone must have started feeling positive about themselves.