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14 Funniest Drunk WhatsApp Conversations That Will Make You LMAO

All of us feel a little guilty for our no-so-intelligent intentions after getting a few shots down. In fact, our senses start to scream 'You're an idiot' but there's no looking back once the game begins. Have you ever done something so stupid that it still makes you laugh at your moves? If you have, my friend, you will relate a lot to this story. Be it getting our friend sloshed or even calling booty to an ex all of us have had those days. We have curated some drunk messages that most of us might have sent and then regretted sending them.Watch them and recall those funny moments. 

Delusional drunk.

When you know there's no scope, but you still try it in the name of being drunk.

When mom receives such texts.

You know you are dead when mom receives such texts and you have no idea about it because you've already passed out.

When common sense fades away.

Drunk people really have no idea what they are up to, and this chat is a proof of that. 

Hopeless drunk.

Do you have a friend who is a hopeless drunk and has a lot of appetite for it?Tag that friend in the comment section.  

When you aren't even sure what you're writing.

Sometimes, we don't acknowledge the fact that our chat window is open while we're drunk, this is what happens in that situation.

Do you have a glowstick?

When people text shit and expect the other person to understand what they are saying. 

Fruit Ninja.

Now that was a cleanly bowled move. I wonder what would have happened next. 

That's every creep's story.

If you are a guy and you don't understand why your girlfriend is still by your side. This one is for you. 

Lame jokes, too much to handle. 

If there's any conversation that would personify my character, it's this one because I am a hopeless lame comedian. 

And when you answer your own text. 

That moment when you are so high on alcohol that you don't understand you are answering your own text. 

Honest Harry Potter fan. 

If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, you will understand the struggle. 

AKA Sister 

This awkward moment is the father of all drunk chats. 

When you call your ex.

That moment when you are drunk and lonely, and then you end up booty calling that crazy ex of yours who ignores you. 

The broke party animal.

This is that party animal who is always broke and hardly receives any invitations. That's all, people. Like and share the story with your friends and tag them below. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com