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16 Things You Know If You Don't Like Sports

When it's the season of matches, whether it is WorldCup, FIFA or World Tournament, this is what a person who doesn't like sports feels. Well, I am one of those and I can easily relate to all the points below.

When people talk about sports, excuse their reaction.

1. Nobody believes you when you tell them that you are not a sport's fan.

Are you kidding me? You don't like Sports?

2. You are completely clueless when someone randomly asks you whats the score?

Sorry, what?

3. You prefer VH1 or National Geographic on your cable TV pack over Star Cricket

Yes because that's very informative. And interesting!

4. You don't understand how people can skip work to watch a match.

5. And why does it have to go on for a whole day?

6. You hate the numbers you have to remember, if you try to fit in.

7. Why there are so many rules. At every point of time?

And why are those terms so complicated?

8. You find a french art film easy to understand than a sports rule book.


9. During cricket season, you're the most inactive person in your WhatsApp groups.

Let me keep the group on mute.

10. Because you don't understand the cricket jokes that they keep forwarding.

Will someone care to explain, please?

11. If your friends plan to watch a match together, you are there for free snacks!

12. You are the only one in the family to plug in headphones and listen to music while the game is on!

Our way to escape the madness.

13. You love to travel on important match days. Thanks to the empty roads and no traffic.

*Plans a long drive*

14. And you don't understand how people can spend so much money for a game ticket.

I'll rather go to some fancy restaurant.