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10 Ways You Can Say 'I Love You' Without Using Words

Do you want to express your love for someone? But you are shy or, hesitant? Don't worry, it's pretty normal. There are ways beyond just words to express your love for that special person in your life. Yes, yes...you can express your feeling through gestures too. It's quite understandable that keeping your feelings to yourself may lead to suffocation. That's why, it's best to express yourself through some random acts, and let the special person in your life know how much you love them. So, I am going to tell you some unique ways by which you can communicate to the person how much you care for them, and think about them. And that, you are trying to express yourself through words but probably you are scared as hell, because you don't want to lose the person. The situation is complex, and the best way out is to express through subtle means. And trust me, it will work.

Few things to keep in mind before we begin.

While you try to express yourself to your love, do not sound too desperate! Yes, because that might push the person away from you. Keep everything in moderation, and express one thing at a time. When you want to win your love, patience is the key. C'mon, let's begin.  

10. Listen fully and sincerely. 

Whenever you get a chance to communicate with the special person in your life, make sure you are all ears. Listening is not just about 'listening' it's also about responding at the right moment and getting totally involved in the conversation. Everyone loves a good listener.  

9. Take interest in what they love. 

Take interest in their hobbies, start loving what they love. Because if you truly love the person, you will also love what they love!  

8. Be always there for them. 

Whenever they need you, make yourself available. Whenever they have a problem, make yourself available. In short, be available fucking 24X7. No less than that, ok? This will make the person respect you even more, and they might start confiding in you. 

7. Send them random messages.

Yes, do that often. They will feel that you think about them. Ask them, how their work is going on, how their life in general is, and what they are upto. Also irritate them sometimes, it's part of love :)

6. Flirt with them, in good taste. 

Flirting is a good idea, until it is in limit. You may flirt through some witty one liners and jokes but make sure those are not raunchy or lame and turn the person away! 

5. Keep making eye contacts. 

Eyes play an important role in expressing your feelings. When you are in love, your eyes speak it all. So, make sure you make eye contact often to make them realize your love for them. 

4. Support them, make their life easier. 

Support their career choice, support them during their emotional distress, support them all the time. Just whatever they do, support that damn thing!

3. Become a giver. 

Start giving, beginning with small gifts to the most precious things you have. If the person tells you that they like your watch, just give it to them. Give them everything until you are left with nothing except them!Give, give, give!

2. Surprise them!

Surprise them out of the blue! Drop at their home, college, workplace without informing them, buy something for them online and send it to them. They will surely love your gesture, if they appreciate you.  

1. Love Yourself.

Now this is the most important part. You have to first love yourself, before you love someone else! Because you can give only what you have, and if you have love, you can give that to that special someone in your life.

Now start spending time with that special person.

If that special person understands your gestures and responds positively, you may ask them out for a coffee or pizza. Start thinking about ways to take your relationship forward. 

Come closer, yeah bit more close.

When everything is on track, you can express your love through words, hold their hands and steal a kiss. Get cosy with them and relish the moment. 

Now get married.

Now you may think about getting married. Because love should lead to marriage and not vice versa.