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Woman Appeals For Help To Save Her Friend's Life Who Is On Ventilator

Have you ever come across something that made you restore your faith in humanity? I did. Curious? One fine morning I read about a fund raising platform where a woman made a heart warming plea to the masses out there. She did it for her friend. YES, for her friend. Calling out people for help is one thing but doing something that involves masses requires a lot of courage because no one is spared from the eyes of the critics. This moment, while you are reading this story there would be hundreds of others who would be criticizing it. We at WittyFeed decided to support this cause and share it with our audience to create awareness about this objective that can save a life.

Many kudos for taking such a step

All of us use the internet and browse through various websites everyday but, how many of us put those websites to use when it comes to doing something as crucial as saving someone's life? Today, I am going to tell you about someone who managed to raise an amount of Rs. 34,485 to save a life with just one message. (image is for representation purpose)

Fundraising put to optimum utilisation

A woman named Juhi Aggarwal appealed on Facebook to raise funds for her friend who is admitted to a hospital and is suffering from jaundice and chest infection. Pneumonia made the situation worse for the patient. He was later put on a ventilator. Juhi asked people to help and contribute their share to help the innocent sufferer.(image is for representation purpose)

Every problem has a solution

The bills were raising and there was no way that the family could manage to pay them timely. So, this idea of raising money from social platform proved to be of great help to them. She also quoted something that made me realise that if we help someone God helps us. The statement being: "God will bless u for helping somebody who is in need. Because God never leaves the opportunity to bless his child for doing any good. Thank you."

Crowd funding is the new revolution

Platforms like Milaap are making it easy for the needy ones to ask for help and we thought of promoting such great cause. You can share your bit and save a life. All you need to do is visit their website and use easy options like net banking or paytm to secure the welfare. After all, it's not just about money if you can save something as crucial as someone's life. Then, why not? (image is for representation purpose)

Let's unite and support the cause

Like and Share this with as many people you can to spread the awareness so that we can make this step a huge success not only in terms of saving someone's life but also helping the ones who are in need of it. (image is for representation purpose)Thank you :)