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Heard So Much About Sania Mirza, But Do You Know About Her Sister?

Who does not know the tennis star, Sania Mirza? Sania has proudly illuminated the country's name internationally. And if you think they have no life other than playing and getting tagged as just players then you might need to think again. From time to time, we see the lady flaunting her beauty in fashion shows and events glorifying herself. You will be surprised to know that not only Sania but her younger sister Anam Mirza also competes with her sister in terms of beauty. Mirza Sisters are quite glamorous in real life. One sister shows her talent on the field and then the other in the designing field. You will see many pictures of Sania posing flawlessly in the shows or her Instagram posts are just bang on. You may also know about Sania's fan following. But your information about Anam Mirza would be less.Today, we have brought to you, some unseen photos of Anam Mirza. Let's know the life of the younger star here. 

A well-known sports player.

We all know who Sania Mirza is. She is a very famous face in India and known internationally as well for her performance on the tennis court. Won many titles and championships, Sania has made the country proud every now and then.

But we never came across younger Mirza.

This is Anam Mirza, Sania's younger sister. Like Sania, she is also a gorgeous lady who looks beautiful in every outfit. 

A message from the elder to the younger.

“My baby is a married woman now but will always remain my baby. Sister, I love you@anammirzaak ..you made for the most beautiful bride in the whole wide world.” Source

Life profile...

A lawyer, an aspiring journalist and a stylist. She is also the founder of 'The Label Bazaar', a multi designer expo that takes pleasure in displaying eccentric trends.

A varied profession.

Apart from being a designer, she is also a well-established journalist.

The sister duo.

Both Sania and Anam keep sharing their pictures on social media. Anam's Instagram account is full of the sister's photos and never sits back in expressing her love for her Di.

23 and still sleepy like a child.

A picture that shows a sleepy Anam. 

You know it!

This is a very cute picture of the sisters.

SRK in my heart!

Did you know SRK actually asked Anam, 'Love match hain ya arranged?' and Anam replied, 'Oh, ours is a DDLJ kinda story totally'. Being a big fan of SRK, she goes crazy for everything related to him and that he couldn't have asked for more when Akbar had proposed her in the SRK style.

Throwback time!

This photo comes from the time when Sania had just started with her sports career, and the little Anam used to accompany her to places. How cute is this!

A girl with a style!

A designer and a stylist by profession, she has always been seen flaunting a different trend and style of clothes.

Her wedding was a grandeur.

She was recently in the news due to her royal and grand wedding in Hyderabad. Sania was nowhere behind sharing pictures of her baby getting married. 

Huge fan following.

A bubbly person with a charming personality, Anam now has 35.1K followers on her Instagram account.

She is married to a businessman Akbar Rashidin.

The couple had a dreamy lavish wedding where many Bollywood stars came.