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11 Celebrities Who Converted Their Religion To Islam 

We all look up to our favourite celebrities and often wonder how strong and impeccable they are. But, we often fail to realise that they have certain interests and choices that they had to foregone to reach where they are right now. While some stars have everything as easy as a silver spoon in their mouth, some have to earn it. Some get the desired love of their life easily, and some have to fight for it. There are various instances when our stars have fought frivolous for life, love, and stardom. Some even had to sacrifice their religion and adopt some other religion.We have listed eleven such noteworthy names who left their religion and converted to Islam.Read the complete story to know when, where and why they did that.

A. R. Rahman

The greatest musician of Bollywood was born as A.S. Dileep Kumar, but later he converted his religion to Islam and changed his name to Allah-Rakha Rahman. He was born in a Tamil family, but he changed his religion.Source


Actor Dharmendra converted to Islam to marry Hema Malini. It wasn't allowed during that time to marry another woman without divorce, and Dharmendra surely didn't want one, so he chose this clever move to marry the love of his life. Source

Amrita Singh

Amrita married Saif who happens to be a Muslim, so she converted to Islam after marrying the actor. Source

Mamta Kulkarni

It was rumoured that Mamta converted to Islam to marry her boyfriend who was prisoned in the UAE.Source

Yuvan Shankar Raja

The famous music director shared the news of his conversion to Islam on a micro blogging platformSource

Hema Malini

It has been reported that actress Hema Malini also converted to Islam and changed her name to Aisha Bi R. Chakravarty and got married in accordance with Islamic rites to Dharmendra.Source

Kamala Surayya

She was born in a conservative Hindu family but got converted to Islam in the year 1999.Source

Mahesh Bhatt 

Mahesh Bhatt's mother was a Gujarati Muslim, and he converted to Islam too.Source 


In a press meet in 2014, Monica confirmed it to the media that she had converted to Islam.Source

Sharmila Tagore

Sharmila Ji married Mansoor Ali Khan who was the Nawab of Pataudi in a nikah ceremony. She converted to Islam and took on the name Ayesha Sultana.Source

Michael Jackson

Yes, It is true. We are not fooling you. Various reports have claimed that even Michael Jackson converted to Islam and changed his name to Mikael. But, unfortunately, this legendary personality died soon, and the mystery was unsolved. SourceThat's all, people. Don't forget to share this story with your friend.