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He Cries And Doesn't Even Eat, This Is How Ram Rahim Is Spending His Days In The Jail

On 28th August, Monday, the CBI special court sentenced the Dera Sacha Sauda leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan 20 years of jail for two rape cases, 10 years for each rape case.Before going to the jail, Ram Rahim's lifestyle is known to all of us. Earlier he used to travel in luxury cars, live in extravagance house and was fond of various other activities. His fondness for several kinky stuff is still in the headlines.When earlier he was sentenced guilty by the court, his followers created a big mess, but now it's all normal. The man who was known for many controversies is now just recognized as prisoner number 8647.The first night in the Rohtak jail was a bit difficult place for him to be. He even showed a lot of his tantrums on the first day. According to news channels, a Dalit leader, Kirad, who has just stepped out of jail, here are some beans spilt on how Ram Rahim is living his life in the jail.

He doesn't eat!

Ram Rahim's first night was a really bad one for him. On the first night, he refused to eat when the jail warden offered him food. He also called up for a doctor to do his check up, and it turned out he was pretty well. He then took the medicines with a glass of milk. 

Same story for the next day!

According to the reports, he didn't eat on the next day as well. But when the warden left the food in his cell, he ate it. 

His food in jail.

It was earlier believed that Ram Rahim was getting special treatment in the jail. But when the other prisoners started opposing this act, he was given the same treatment like others. Now in the place of pulses, it's black gram, milk, and 5 chapatis. 

He has to work in the jail.

Serving in the jail is mandatory for all hostages. Just like other prisoners at the jail, Ram Rahim woke up in the morning. But he denied for working in the factory or as a farmer. But later after the councilling, he started doing the work. 

He keeps on screaming!

The man who used to sleep on a warm bed at his house, with n number of cushions and the softest blanket around him, now has to sleep on a mat with 2 jail blankets. According to the reports, he doesn't really talk to anyone and keeps on crying and screaming, "God, what wrong have I done? What is my fault?" 

He didn't even wear the jail clothes.

According to the reports, he never sleeps at night. He also denied wearing the jail uniform and regularly walks in his capri and t-shirt.

The secret behind the red bag.

Some reports also claim that after being sentenced to jail, he asked for a red bag which carried his clothes. But later it was revealed that the bag was meant to be a signal for his supporters that the decision was not in his favour. 

His pictures in the sewers.

Before getting accused of the rape, Ram Rahim had a huge fan following. But soon after he was sentenced to jail, his 80 damaged pictures were found from the sewer of Srinagar, Rajasthan.

Ram Rahim will soon be underground.

Currently, Ram Rahim is spending his sentence in a Rohtak jail. But according to the sources, keeping in mind his protection and secrecy, the authorities are planning to shift him in an underground jail. This means getting more of his jail-days-updates can be a bit tricky.