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This Man Was Brutally Pushed Off The Train For Filming The Railway Officials Taking Bribe

Did you ever imagine that being an honest man can sometimes become hard for you? It's just not about the honesty of one man. People often are not comfortable with the concept of bribery that happens in trains.There are people who have tried capturing the real side of the society. And one such man was on it while he encountered a bunch of RPF constables and TTE extorting money from the passengers. Rahul Singh, a 22-year-old man was the one filming all this at the moment to show the real faces of these devils to the people. But, who would have imagined that this could really turn into a nightmare that day?Yeah! To your surprise, the same bunch of people whom he tried filming throw that innocent man off the train. Rahul was traveling from Delhi to Bihar on 25th August while all this happened and he met the face of death. Let's look at what exactly happened.

This is Rahul Singh who was brutally thrown off the train...

Rahul Singh was a 22-year-old engineer who was allegedly thrown off a moving train. And why? Just because he was trying to capture the bad face of some higher authorities who were taking the money from innocent passengers for nothing. 

Is this the punishment you get for your honesty?

Just because of the fear of getting exposed, that whole lot of Railway officials without even thinking for a second pushed him off the train. I wanna ask the society, is this what you get in return of your honesty?

He died on the way to hospital...

While he was thrown off the train, he was found on tracks in Mauranipur in Jhansi on Thursday afternoon with severe injuries. He was rushed to a local hospital where he was declared brought dead.

His wife is 4 months pregnant.

Just think of the pain that this girl is bearing while having an unborn child in her womb and getting to know such a bad incident that took place. This is a pure injustice.

And what about the FIR?

On Friday, Rahul Singh's family arrived at Mahoba and filed the FIR on the basis of information provided by co-passengers. GRP has started a probe and written to top RPF authorities for details of the squad traveling on the train.

But, do you think it was easy?

It was never easy as told by Rahul's friend Shekar Singh in further clips of his post on social media. Officials were not even lodging FIR unless the witness tweeted the whole incident to Mr. Suresh Prabhu.

This was what Shekhar Singh, victim's friend wrote!

As you can clearly see the judicial system in our country and the practical example of how a common man is treated. He even named the officials who were involved in the killing as you can clearly see in the picture above.

He wants your help.

Read the case as he mentioned in his own words at the brutal killing of Rahul Singh by Railway officials. And he now wants all of us to support him in this.This is indeed the harsh reality of life as we all know in a place like India, nobody could touch the higher officials and not everyone gets justice as they deserve.That's all folks!Like, share and sign the petition if you think all that happened with Rahul was wrong.Stay tuned for more.